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You can rape her, and then undo it with the time leap machine.
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you would just create a new timeline where she was raped with all the consequences.
You can't go back, only switch to a timeline where you didn't.
Except they get overwritten so no, once you go back the timeline where she got raped stops existing. So you can enjoy it all over again.
Well, I don't think she'll hate me for it or anything. Maybe she'll start to enjoy it.

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Find a flaw.
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No strawberries
No oppai loli

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How can one man write teasing so effectively?

I feel such strong emotions
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Maybe he was relentlessly teased by a cute girl when he was in school.
>he writes teasing so well he mindbroke NTRfags
Why is Takagi's forehead so...


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Why aren't there more dank shows like this?
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Because not every show was the most popular and entertaining thing the previous year that 4chan launched.
>Be the show that launched Cute girls doing cute things at high school.

>Be funnier than any other show that tries.

I'd say they should have quit when they are ahead but goddamn I love K-on.
Why is Sakaki so adorable?

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Best chapter for breaking the 4th wall.

"Yes; it is."
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Best chapter to misinterpret what happened.

She told him she can read his thoughts. He says she can read him and he's messing with her trying to read her lol
Poor guy. I almost forgot they bungled the game.
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when can we start having daily Mousou threads that rival Tomo thread?

I mean we get two pages and I'm liking it just as much as I am Tomo

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Have you ever dream in anime version /a/?
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No, but I do dream about my waifu.
>>Not dreaming about having a comfy life with your waifu
>Needing to dream to be with your waifu

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Why do anime openings have such retarded, nonsensical lyrics?
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Why is OP such a fag?
Songs are often a bunch of nonsense metaphors a lot of times in their native tongues. Then, factor in translating to a language that doesn't use the same grammar rules and everything is out the god damn window.

EOP detected.

As a general rule, lyrics don't translate well.

Touhou anime when?
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There are already a few and there's nothing stopping you from making one.
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never ever?
better than nothing I suppose

Is this the greatest OVA of all times?

Old-School thread.
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I've seen the series, but never got around to the OVA.

Thanks OP, think I will watch that tonight.
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It's definitely up there.
It is one of the greatest pieces of anime of all time, yes.

Left or right, /a/?
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right was the better girl

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Translations have finally reached megazord time.
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And for the most current chapter - delicious Hime.
Is the translation really left far behind the raw ?
I really love how SOFT all the girls are in this.

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I want to fuck the autistic mage!
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Used goods.
>roughly 40kg

Imagine how fun it would be to manhandle her tiny body. I'd just walk around the house looking for things to bend her over and fuck her on.

I'd fuck her on a flight of stairs.

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ugh, fuck, okay fine
but only because I love you so much

let's start with them dropping the ball:
there is no news about the anime

alright, the stage has been set
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>Chapter 150: Severe
File: image006.jpg (401KB, 836x1200px)Image search: [Google]
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[inaudible screaming, distant scratching noises]
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has /a/ ever cried watch animoo? which scene specifically?
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>/a/ is one person
Why do you type like a fucking retard?
I felt nothing while reading this. It was pretty disappointing.

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What went right?
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Madao went right and best boy gintoki
Tokugawa Shigeshige was in it
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