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How big will the stage be?
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Toyocucks go make your thread.
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Where my SSJ2fags at
As big as the pool of tears from Toeishills.

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Chapter 172.
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Once again, Ritz promotes the fan favorite.
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This is Himawari Furutani.

Say something nice about her.
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You're among the top3 yurus
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She is very cute. I wish bratposters weren't so rude to her.
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Is Jobin really a gofer?
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>People are actually this gullible
It is obvious that Araki is trying to give us a red herring. Makes the surprise of a Yasuho or Norisuke death by Jobin, revealing he really is the main villain, all that more shocking
Has anyone made a list of part 5 similarities yet?
>Yasuho death
>FruitDad death
Don't say these vile words, anon

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Girls und Panzer thread?
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Hippo team best team

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Left or right?
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Aura best girl
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CZ, I don't think going after either of the elves would be a good idea.

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Unironically, Dragon Maid.
This is missing a lot I don't feel represented
This season of Konosuba was mediocre at best. Its between lwa and Kobay, all else is trash

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I don't trust the other bang thread
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BanG Dream currently has 4 threads up
>2 on /a/, one in /vg/ & /u/
We did it! We've become popular!

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Woop woop

54: Good evening, Rengoku-san
[Right] A look that flashes
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"This thing is the master of the land, yeah..."
"It controls the land"
[Side] Terror, shock, dumbfounded
"There's no mistaking its length and intimidating aura"
"It may be sleeping now, but don't let your guard down!!"

"No it's a steam engine. You don't know about it?"
"Calm down!!"
"No you calm down"
"I'll go on the attack first"

"It may be a guardian spirit of this land"
"And it may not be a good idea to suddenly attack it"
"No, I'm telling you it's a steam engine. You know what a train is? It's a vehicle. It carries people"
"You bumpkins"

I didn't finish that sentence
>A look that flashes brilliance
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"Is this what the crow was talking about?"

"Tally ho!!"
"Stop, you're embarrassing us!!"

"What're you guys doing!!"

"They have swords...!!"
"Police! Call the police!!"

"Crap crap crap"
"Run for it!!"
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"We demon hunters are part of an organization that isn't officially recognized by the government"
"We really can't walk around holding our swords so unashamedly"
"Even if you talk about demons and the like, they won't believe you for the most part. so [walking around with swords] would cause chaos"

"But we're giving the best we can......"
"Well, we can't do much about it. Just hide your swords on your back for now"

"They're in plain sight. Wear clothes, moron"

"They call it the 'infinite train' but if I ride it, I should be able to meet Rengoku-san"
"But it seems like he's already boarded"

"So you're meeting him? Okay, I'm gonna buy some tickets so just stay quiet there"
"I got it! Thanks"
"It's hard to walk when I'm hiding my swords..."

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Post as if S3 was announced for next year.
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I hope its animated by KyoAni this time
KyoAnus is a garbage studio.
No thanks.
it's dead Jim, konosuba threads will grind to a halt

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All-out battle soon.
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What's her endgame?
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I don’t know if anyone has pointed this out yet but isn’t it strange that the wedding dress pudding is currently wearing and her hair style does not match the black and white silhouette we saw of her earlier when big mom was fantasizing about the wedding plans? I mean the black and white silhouette wedding dress so conveniently resembles the dress nami wore on thriller bark and the hairstyle is also very similar to the one nami currently has on.

Hmmmmmmmmm idk maybe this is just a coincidence but it’s got me thinking is oda paralleling thriller bark with wci?
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>Subs are delayed until you pray to Sonzai Ekkusu
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Give me the subs or I'll shoot.
Who the fuck is that?
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Was this translated already?

This is a failen Angel. Say something nice to her.
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Easy and affordable prices. Would come again.
After 10 episodes of being a worthless shit, she finally did something decent.
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I'd cum on her face *after Angelic blowjob

Is this the greatest film ever created?
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It's not even the studio's greatest film.
It's not even in the top 25. Just because it's one of the only ones you've seen does not mean it's the greatest ever created.
What's your top 25 then Mr. Oldfag?

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What's the best anime of the season after Maid Dragon?
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Maid Dragon special episodes
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If you get past the first episode then picture related.
Tooru is MOTYAY desu.

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