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Snek still a best
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I want to step on this snek.
Degenerates like you belong in concentration camps.

Where's today's Kaguya thread?
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Maybe Jag is busy. Let´s post some cute Kaguya girls while we wait.
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Posting this shit because I love awkward blushing highschool romance.
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Anime preview on this Saturday. Anime comes out on July.

Translated manga chapters and LQ raws here:

HQ raws here:
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I think it would be better to wait until a chapter is ready before starting a new thread.
Lets not keep making threads. If the translators are working on it then they'll post when they have content to post. Oversaturating the board with threads about it will just attract shitposters and the lack of content will lead to early stagnation. With the anime on the horizon this will get a lot more popular no matter what happens so lets all be patient.

Is my opinion.

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Characters that look good with Duel Disks
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What archtype would he run?
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Holy shit she's hot
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Chitoge is hotter.
When I first saw her that was instant love. As far as I'm concerned, she is the most beautiful girl ever imagined.
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One Punch Man Season 2 Updates & Spoiler: Psykos vs. Saitama?

Rumors are making rounds regarding a new threat that Saitama and the rest of the Hero Association during the events of "One Punch Man" season 2 as the Monster Association will be waging war against them. The Monster Association are the dangerous enemies of the Hero Association and they are led by Pyskos.

There are also speculations that members of the Monster Association have immense disaster levels that could pit them against the Hero Association's S-Class heroes. This also means that heroes in the lower class are said to be helpless against Psykos' team but with Saitama's help, things could be neutralized, GameNGuide reported.

The Monster Association has also ties with Garou, Silver Fang's former student and rumored main antagonist of "One Punch Man" season 2 as Twitter username MotoGP Update tweeted that the possible plot for "One Punch Man" season 2 as the user hinted that it could be the "Garou" arc or popularly known as the "Hero Hunt" arc.

In other news, it seems that Saitama will be facing a returning enemy from season 1 as Lord Boros will likely return to the show, MobiPicker reported.

Lord Boros is the leader to the Dark Matter Thieves and fought Saitama in an epic season finale episode were Boros commented on the latters "true strength" not yet being unleashed yet and Boros already knew he will lose the fight. It is unknown how Lord Boros will come back to life in the season 2 of the anime.

There are also rumors that fellow Hero Association member Amai Mask could be a villain in season 2 as he has been hinted to be the one to discover Saitama's god-like power, showing an interest on the hero and use the power for his own agenda.

Season 2 of the anime series may feature more than 12 episodes than the previous season due to the manga series having nine volumes.

"One Punch Man" season 2 will launch sometime in 2017.
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>There are rumors that the villains of the second season of OPM will be the villains of the events of the manga that take place after the first season of the OPM
Holy shit what a shocking twist
Boros returning sounds dumb though
> The title for 'One Punch Man Season 2, Episode 1' will be 'The Strongest Hero'.

> In the episode, Lord Boros has managed to counteract the punchers of Saitama and because of the regenerative capabilities; he will be able to counteract Saitama successfully.
> This made the fight a tie, however, Saitama will be able to clobber Boros into dust using his most powerful punch, called, "serious punch". During the same episode, a new villain shall arise in the form of Amai Mask.
> Amai Mask is a 'Class A Rank 1' hero, and will be another Darth Vader story, good side to the dark side. The main reason for his defiance is because he blames Class S heroes for the destruction of the city.
> In One Punch Man season 1, Drive Knight secretly told Genos that Bofoi, also known as Metal Knight, is the very person who can not be trusted with anything. This clearly indicated that Metal Knight was not the good guy after all. Now, in One Punch Man season 2, it is said that Metal Knight will create a lot of problems of Saitama.

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New chapter out today. Where you at, dump/translator anons?
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Is this any good?
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It's alright if you can get past the rotoscoping but it has no ending and the last episode is 70% clipshow, 20% preview for a season 2 that will never happen.
Haven't read the manga so no comment on that.

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Daily reminder that DEEN doesn't want to animate THIS

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Post all the quality shot in there
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that fukin neck.jpg
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Remember closeups of background characters don't count. And try to find something recent; not just the usual party van or cabbage ball.

It took 49 episodes, but we finally got there.
I think we should have a thread in celebration of the young couple's first kiss.
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Did that other girl actually get paired up with that other guy? The one that she walked in on while he was changing in the bath?
The red cunt? As if.
Nah, this bitch. I dropped the series because it looked like generic battle harem shit. But I heard something about how she might get without someone else. Was never confirmed as far as I know. But I don't know much about the series.

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Next chapter translation fucking when?
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not soon enough
Hopefully before next chapter in magazine.
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at least give me my ojojojo

>their subs are actually horrible
>1/3 of the time, subtitle doesn't appear
I'm on Linux, am I supposed to be using a program other than VLC?
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youtube 144p
Use mpv

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r8 my library
many more things will be added when I get around to torrenting them
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You forgot to include all the mainstream shounen trash in the bait.
Fuck off and kill yourself.
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