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I want to kill everybody at the Crunch Roll office Edition

Lets hope this thread is the one.
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first for crunchyroll bloodbath
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Seven point six two millimeter

Full metal jacket

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She's been getting more creepy as time goes on. What's her deal?
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No she hasn't you goddamn autist.
i think that was toga in that scene that smile is so weird desu

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please read the guide before asking questions buyfag.moe
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This midriff. do I buy it /a/?
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Looking to expand the swimsuit/bikini part of my collection, what are some of the absolute best to keep an eye out for?

Only have pic related and Alter's Lala meme-scale so far.
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if you dont have it its good.

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>[170224] あんハピ All Music Collection「ハピコレ」[320K]
Well would you look at that. Aside from the manga, this is probably the last piece of media we'll get to see from it.

How about one last thread for old time sake?
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I miss Our Goddess. We need an S2.
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1st for spinning Botan
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Why is Hibarigaoka Ruri so shit? she ruined the whole episode.

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I really hope Trigger delivers on Sucymom. I absolutely love her design.
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>LWA Shindol doujin
>Sucymom decides that she's going to have some fun with loli sucy
>She goes up to her and tells her that she's going to teach her what grownups do when they love each other very much
>She doesn't fuck her, not yet, but she passionately makes out with her
>this continues for a while, with Sucy's mouth being repeatedly invaded at basically any time
>then Sucymom sees loli Sucy get wet to it for the first time
>She begins to let loli sucy hump her as they kiss, and eventually she cums
>Sucymom decides that it's time to get serious
>She starts fucking her in all kinds of ways
>sometimes she'll stick so many massive heavy dildoes into Sucy that the skin of her torso begins to tear, and she can't walk because of the weight
>sometimes Sucymom will strangle her while pounding her with an magic dick she put onto herself
>eventually loli sucy becomes obsessed with it and actively eats her mother out whenever she can, hurting herself to entertain her, and other degenerate things
>as things go on, we start to see the mental effects of these events
>doujin or not, it's still child abuse and there's a reason we don't let people do it
>loli Sucy starts to torture animals, self mutilate in strange and cringe inducing ways, and slowly loses her empathy for others
>She eventually kills another child her age and nibbles off bits of the body over time
>Sucy becomes a serial killer, or at least mentally she is
>real life serial killers were often abused hard as kids, and she's become the same kind of person
>eventually the girl she killed is discovered, and she gets found out as the culprit
>an investigation is launched into Sucy's life
>Sucymom is arrested and is sentenced to death for child abuse and pedophilia
>Sucy is put into a orphanage/mental asylum
>final pages are of a modern day Sucy as we know her, a psych report stating that she still has no empathy but can safely meet new people now and is recommended to attend Luna Nova
>I'm gonna start using a trip
>doesn't use a trip
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>ywn have a 3some with Sucy and her mom

Why live?

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Try to contain yourselves.
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More like World 3 days late.

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It's Out!!!!!!!!!!
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>Nothing happened again
Can't we move to next arc already
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>having a favorite anime
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How will Oregairu end?
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some monologue about youth after 8man kisses Yukino
Hachiman will ditch those whores and go for saika
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Best girl Yui will win and worst girl Yuckyno will bite the dust.

Was it foreshadowing, /a/?
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fuck off chibi
hi sorry
I promised spoiler in 5 hour time but things got delayed...
Images should be coming in 1-2 more hour say the least

Post the gif.
Any clowns hanging around?

第11話 せるりあん

>Brown bear the Cerulean hunter came to help them fight giant Cerulean
>Lucky beast suddenly...
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At the heart of the city there is a building that looks down over all there is.
And the man in the tower controls it all without raising a single fist.
It's like they gathered up the city, they sold it to the devil, and now
It's gone to hell and they wonder how.
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Go to bed Aleister.

Is this a newfag thing?
raily makes you think

Reminder that if you disagree with the victory of the First Year Song Class Student Sakuraba Rola over the Second Year Song Class Student and Admin Shirogane Lilyi means that you are simply too stupid to understand a simple show for little girls as Sakuraba Rola has easily been the most developed and well written character in the entire Aikatsu Stars series, specially through the guidance of her wonderful teacher Hibiki Anna. You have plain and simply been watching the Aikatsu Stars series wrong and the sooner you accept that the better it will be for your foolish being.
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Elsa, come deliver us from this mess.
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hair down.png
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Sorry about the shitty quality on my cap, but man.
Hair down lippu a cute.
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>no galko thread

She will never be forgotten. Galko is love
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I want to fuck that slut.
>She will never be forgotten
At this point I don't think she will ever be.
Best short ever?
>girl designed for sex
>they've never shown having sex
For what purpose?

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Remember to relax and take it easy.
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This 23rd of March is gonna be 4 years since I've met Tharja, so I'd like something special.
Anything cute between her and my SI like holding hands or on a date together would be nice.
A silly request would be my SI wearing Robins or Kirans cloak and being with her.
Or congratulating her on winning 3rd place in the recent poll that was held.
Or a big thing would be us with our daughters Noire and Morgan.

Holding up Noires/Morgans Cipher cards and being proud of her daughters.
Like how a parent would show pictures of their kids in their wallet.

Even if it's off season, wearing the reindeer tiara she has in Heroes.
It's only a neck up shot so far, so just drawing that much is fine.
Maybe posing like this as well. - http://imgur.com/a1q6Sy1

Playing Fire Emblem Heroes on a smartphone or a tablet.

Wearing anything from these albums.
Rias Gremory pouting cutely, please.

Or dressed as (or in an outfit similar to) Tanya Degurechaff from Youjo Senki. Something military-like would be really good. http://www.imgur.com/a/uSRQZ

Anything else cool or cute would also be appreciated. Thank you and have a nice day.
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Requesting my wonderful waifu, Mimi.

Possibly dressed as Kaine from Nier (http://i.imgur.com/hGrLtA1.jpg), but anything cute would be greatly appreciated.

She'll share her vodka with you if you draw her!

As always, take it easy, and I hope everyone has a great weekend.

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