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>still no new WMT series

Must we really wait until 2019?
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KyoAni's working on one.
Nice try. That's not anime art at all.
You know what, that's what Miyazaki and Takahata should go back to doing.
Either that or draw manga again. He's really wasting his talents on feature productions that might never even get made.

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Why are lolis so sexy?
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Cause you're a pedo
Tight vaginas
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>tfw haven't been this attracted to a character since Hestia
It's literally not possible for me to see Kanna as anything but sexual.

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So did anyone else drop this after our "hero" forced a girl to keep a fetus that was created as a product of rape by the military industrial complex?
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What? He kept her from dying, and she wasn't even raped. Attempted.
Yes. Fuck the writers for pushing their agenda.
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>she wasn't even raped.

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These are your garbage meme girls for tonight.
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Is "meme" code word for "best girl"?
Sounds like a fun night with lots of shenanigans and "accidental" nudity.
>not megumeme

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Chapter 247 is out, guys
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>yfw no Karasuno vs Nekoma grand finals comfirmed
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not chewing.png
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But they hyped it so much, surely they will pull a deus ex machina, I'll never stop believing

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Is Hanekawa the best Monogatari?
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No that's Kaiki or bat
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Not enough suicide in anime.
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Not enough suicide in your life.

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He praised me!.png
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Kyouko earned a headpat. What will be the next step of her master plan?
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I want to give Miu the mating press!

Save Seiren
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From the last thread:

>kaoru>>>seiren girls
agreed, although : Tsukasa>Haruka>Kaoru>>>Ai>Sae>shit>Rihoko=Seiren Girls for me. All Amagami's are respectable apart from Rihoko

>that pic is just wrong Ayatsuji is DFC
>Tsukasa was never DFC. She's always had a modest chest.
uuhhhh...lol? How does Tsukasa's chest qualify as modest? She's average at least, probably a large B or small C, pic related.

>"Boy, I'm hungry"
>"Better make our traditional Japanese dish"
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Signs OP is a cock hungry faggot

>Makes greentext threads
Never eaten Japanese Kare-raisu OP? Fucking meek weeb
What would be considered Japan's national dish?

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My boy Dudley still going strong.

Also, cute company owner girl gonna be soon saved (indirectly) from sex slavery by Ohma

Which girl is best girl? How does he make them all so deliciosly lewd looking?
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Pure sex
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This is a qt boy.
>He talks
>Peace sign
Not what I expected.

I'll admit it's cute, but still not near cutest boy

Was SSJ3 a mistake?
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No but the "muh stamina" excuse is bullshit.
Super saiyan in general was a mistake.

It's complete bullshit that glowing hair somehow gives you more power, at least freiza got bigger and had more armored plates when he transformed.
No and yes.

It put in perspective the form Gohan achieved and what Vegeta and Trunks were trying to achieve, turning it from "The level beyond a Super Saiyan" into simply Super Saiyan 2. Most importantly, it showed that Gohan isn't a special snowflake, and it's achievable by any Saiyan.

And it revealed that there's a level beyond even that, Super Saiyan 3. And Goku isn't a special snowflake for it either since Gotenks acquired it.

However, it also opened up a can to question if Saiyans have no limit or not. There's a million shitty fan forms of Super Saiyan, and they're all fuckign stupid, the worst of all being GT's Super Saiyan 4.
The Super Saiyan form tree is "cool" and all, but it brings out the worst of shounen.

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Read the manga
is the anime bad?
Episode one

Why doesn't Lucoa have scoliosis by now. She's 1/3 tiddy and she walks perfectly fine.
I know it's fiction but seriously..
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spine, powered by vast magical powers desu
She's a dragon, those tits are as light as air to her. I wear a G cup and have no back pain. It's just a shitty meme.
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>applying 3DPD to 2D perfection

Ok /a/ I don't think I've seen these in a while, get your anime/LN ideas up and running. I'l start.

>Slice Of life anime
>tired, deadpan, weak ass MC in schooltime/daytime moves to a new school, top 1 student in prefecture
>childhood friend remembers MC, MC doesnt remember childhood friend
>MC is actually a leading business manager in Japan after his father's death (inheritance)
>decides to hide it because of safety and child labour
Pic unrelated
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>supernatural creatures exist
>they try to get ichor, silver liquid soul energy
>convert it to ambrosia, a distilled form that causes intoxication
>big pharma and illegal drug industries around buying and stealing souls
>lesbian vampire ojou-sama MC
>genki succubus sidekick
>succubus's onii-chan incubus (yes incest) cool and mysterious roommate
>episodic chapters/episodes in which MC tries to get souls for weed money

Basically edgier PSG with srs bsns art.
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Retoasting gold

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Infinite wishes
To end my life.
I wish for everyone on /a/ to become anime cute.

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