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Maki smokes cigarettes.
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I smoke cigarettes.
Are you Maki?
Depends, who's asking?

ITT: Best girls that couldn't win.
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I haven't played the VN yet but did she even want to win?
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in Steins;Gate 0 she says that she wanted to win but understood Okabe's feelings enough to know how much he loved Kurisu that she decided to give up

also Maho #1

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Sensei is back, but I dunno what happened with the last page, anyone can understand what happened? Is the ship back or forever ended?

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We just had the thread die and you remake it?
>h-huh, I must have misheard
>could you repeat
>faggot-kun, could you break up with me

You forgot to translate the chapter end text in the last panel.

Because she loves faggot.
Because she's thinking of faggot.

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Yeah,don't mind me,I will just sit here eating shitty Haagen Dasz while there's a perfectly fuckable girl lying in kimino on bed next to me.
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She'd kill your penis several times over.
Girl in a kimono with a sword who gets off by killing and whom he saw beat up buncha guys.
is shiki even interested in sex?

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What made Needless so good? Why did it never get another season?
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The reasons for both those questions seem obvious.

But Setsuna is best girl.
Because cheese, and because japan has shit tastes.
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Guess which class Momonga become next
>Inb4 Paladin
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Is this overlord for pussies?
In the next pretender to The Thone of Kings will be a cute under aged girl skeleton.
Mark my words, the next imitator will be Lollilord.

Source: because /a/
skeleton knight in another world is actually pretty funny.

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When will she direct a yuri anime?
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Probably never.
When she makes a mahou shoujo with Yoshida
Who is this ugly bitch?

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>long legs
>beautiful eyes
>good with kids
>older lady
I think I've figured out what Ursula's secret identity is

She's Bayonetta in disguise
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I want Akko to bully Diana.
>yfw they introduced a red-herring plot twist that makes everyone believe Chariot ISN'T Ursula
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Bayonetta 2 was a good anime.

what went trough the minds of the writers, the developers, and what else... when they made the Endless Eight?
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It was filler to get to your OP pic.
not an argument
Yes, it is.

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This is your date for tonight.
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Good, we can play some guilty gear and blazblue all day.
>monster that literally ate dozens of people
>MC defends her from monster hunters because "well she hasn't eaten any since she tried to kill me"
Only a dozen? Right here has killed around 100k people personally on camera, the loli version has been killing people for centuries.

The MC waifus them.

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He made best boy so everything is forgiven.

Anybody see it during the UK/Ireland showings?
What did you think of it?
Went to see it with a buddy and we both loved it.
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Better than Kimi no na wa. Amazing direction, the sound direction was especially amazing, the way it focused on the sounds that we all take for granted in day to day life to emphasise the contrast between Shoko and everyone else was god tier.
>shilling that much
Yea the sound was stellar.

I also loved how Yamada's usual shots of legs/various objects around the scene, anything but showing the face, really added to the movie too, since Ishida having an issue with looking people in the face was a big plot point.

How is it shilling?
I came back from the movie and wanted to discuss it with others, that's shilling now?

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Can we all agree that LWA is the worst anime airing this season, and probably the next season as well?

It is the only show I dropped this season. I didn't even dropp Schoolgirl strikers or handshakers, so that's saying a lot.
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Your opinion is bad and you should feel bad
I wouldn't go that far but it's certainly the biggest disappointment this season. The first OVA set expectations too high.
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But Schoolgirl Strikers is a good show.

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>best girl leaves and never returns

Pic related

What other mangos do this?
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She returned did you read the manga?
>leaves forever to burgerland 50% into the story
>literally gave up
Ah i thought she was from DNA. I don't remember about I's a lot.

>not wearing a gumshield

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It's okay, he doesn't need all teeth to play rugby anyway.
Suwa is fucking jacked.
Haha what a loser.

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