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what about a Gj-bu thread?
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God damn I want a nice thick, long, stack of pancakes.
Which GJ would you fuck?
all of them

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5 more minutes to go
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I want to practice rappel with shoebill.
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I want to climb Shoebill's mountains!
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Reminder that behind those bangs are the same expression that you'd expect.

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Post your favourite blonde anime girl.
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3 way tie
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Take a little rice, take a little beans.
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>This is the 3rd time that the Joubin posters made a thread before bump limit
>One Joubin posters thinks this is "quality" even though it's an artisitc choice by Araki.
araki why

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Would you a Genderbender?
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Would you english?
I'd empty myself into Mizuki until every single drop of cum in my body is drained from me and into his/her asshole.
Not a proper question, but I don't like the genre of gender bending. It is poorly written wish fulfillment of men who question their sexual identities.

Unfortunately, the stories tend to check the same boxes and recycles the same themes over and over. I might like the genre if they do something daring, like dealing with social isolation, or dealing with the social and poltiical consequences of gender bending.

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> Hundreds of anime about high school girls
> Barely anything about college aged girls

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>Only watch fotm shit
>Never read manga

>How come there never any series about [Thing]

Gee I wonder
Japanese lose their souls when they hit puberty.

That wouldn't be fun to watch.
If it was any good it would get an adaptation

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So what's going to happen to her?
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nobody even knows what comic thats from
boku no pico
Clearly this thread is for people that do know what this is from.



Fuck off

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>Kazuma mentions multiple times that he's not attracted to Megumin, he just gets caught up in her mood when she flirts with him since he's weak to it
>He's worried that he'll be the kinda guy to think he's in love with a girl just because she has feelings for him, doesn't want that
>Megumin gives him a heartfelt confession
>He instantly drops his spaghetti and confesses back
>Can't think of a single reason why he loves her (he had far more to say about Eris even)
>Clearly just did exactly what he was trying not to do
>Zero romantic development from Kazuma's side the whole series, no reason to belive he has any legitimate romantic feelings for Megumin
>She's practically the opposite of his type
>People think they'll end up together

It's pretty clearly being set up as a learning experience for Megumin, having to get over her love after Kazuma (inevitably fucks it up). He's just gotten swept up in her mood, he doesn't feel for her the way she wants him to and sooner or later she'll realise all she has is one sided affection.
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why are you acting like konosuba is some serious love drama
shipfags are the worst
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That's actually my thoughts too, the romantic sections are the absolute weakest because they do nothing but tease development that's not really ever shown.

Just give Kazuma to Iris or Chris and call it a day, the back and forth between Darkness and Megumin has long since run dry.

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You first
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Time to discuss why Diana is, without a doubt, best girl.
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Final Boss Diana.
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>it's time to save the world again, Chariot
Why was she so mortified by his word?
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here's the template

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Chapter 16
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Every day in Japan, 2500 people die due to any number of causes. Do you think you'll be one of the ones to die? No, of course not. Do you think you'll win the lottery? You'd like to think so, we all would. But Sumida is different. He wants the status quo to remain in every way; live a normal life, get a normal job, have normal kids, never to be anyone fortunate or unfortunate, content in normalcy. Anyone who doesn't agree is foolish, doomed to live their life scraping up a mountain that they can never conquer, fated to die in despair wishing things had been better.

When his mother kicks his father out of the house and onto the streets, he thinks he'll be fine. When his mother leaves him to live with her boyfriend, he makes the best of it. When he realizes that he's no longer average, he strives to make his life worthwhile the only way he knows how. When the demons in the back of his mind speak to him, he tries his best to ignore them.
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New chapter out on the 24th
Volume 38 is coming out on July 18th
Volume 39 is coming out in Japan later this year
Season 2 starts April 7th
Season 2 PV: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tbx0PAsWiKw
Season 1 dub is out https://www.funimation.com/shows/berserk/
Old thread >>154747578
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>only 4 days left
It'll probably leak in a day or 2
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>leak arrives
>it's the same drafts we already saw
>chapter has Togashi's name at the end

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Is Sidra the worst Hakaishin?
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>Is Sidra the worst Hakaishin
By definition he is the worst.

He's not /ourguy/, half of the DB thread hate the manga, the other half like it.

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What'cha watchin' anon?
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maid dragon
nothing, my external took a shit and I don't have my laptop with me
It has been fun today.

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