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New chapter out

We panda now
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Based rapeman delivers.
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No dump? I will do it.

>ITT Top Tier ships
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Toradora has a million ships and you chose the worst one.
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Kihara x Kitamura was much better.
You need to go back.

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It's almost here.
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Wrong board nigger.
>3d shit
Hate the anime and the ecchi manga but the aesthetic s for this looks way shittier

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>not Diana/Sucy
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Reminder that this fistbump was so mindblowing to Akko that it's one of her most prized memories.
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GuP Final Chapter Part 1 Theatrical Release Date: December 9, 2017

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>Winter Uniforms.

I'm happy.
Personally I think loli Maho is a lot sexier than loli Miho
Early Christmas present? Fuck yeah!

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Best Hakaishin? Best Hakaishin.
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Who would win in a 1v1?
Sailor Moon
>tanks galaxy busting attacks no problem
>3 punches and the universe is gone
he wasnt funny at all
The Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

There are people out there that think the person to the right is a monster.

How will our Arcadia friends deal with her legacy?
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I want to drown these sluts
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Who /NVA/ here?

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Serval VA: (Although Serval-chan cried during episode 10) I am a strong kid, so I wouldn't cry, but I still cried at the last episode.
Arai VA: I was the only one who was crying when we were dubbing!
Serval VA: I wept when I read the script for the last episode at home

280 : 風の谷の名無しさん@実況は実況板で@無断転載は禁止 (アウアウカー Sa57-8YZg)2017/03/19(日) 16:14:49.49 ID:X9u0F3kja


A Nanashi's report of today's radio event from 2ch Kemono thread.
・The box the owl gave to Kaban seems to be a key item.
・Nobody knows friends live as long as human or original animals. It will remain a mystery.
・The VA of Serval cried really hard when she read the scenario of the last episode in her room.
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To bring one's mind off depressing things, porn.

In your post-ejaculation clarity, realize that Kemono Friends will die in your lifetime.
This is the kind of shit I like to see

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>post picture
>give reason
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He turned into a retard at the end.
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>Kogoro's mouth isn't moving and his voice is coming from that kid over there lol whatever
Rant, sorry. Not directed at you, but the anime.
This whole goddam series, every single main person is some form of mentally retarded.
The only redeemable people were brown haired childhood friend (completely normal) and old Otaku leader girl (oddball, but mentally sound). The entire series could have been avoided if the characters were just not idiots. Then after all is said and done fucking nothing happens. Everyone is still alone. I am convinced that everything was just the bitch sister going to absurd levels to make sure the person she hated was alone and miserable the rest of his life.

WTF she is chariot?
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She is akkos mum
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>the clumsy christmas cake teacher
Next you're gonna tell me that Clark Kent is Superman.
I have heard of this before, didn't think it really existed. this is some top bait

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She just wanted to help.
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i want to protect this smile
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Im sorry Akko.
>blonde hair
>blue eyes
>japanese animation
Why don't japanese people draw their own people just sayin

Why aren't there more Chinese characters in anime?
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She's Taiwanese.
That's like a Guatemalan person saying they aren't Mexican, it's the same shit senpai

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Name a better power couple.

I'll wait.
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(You) and a thick black cock.
I can't

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JoJo part 2 is the best part.
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I agree

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New theory about this new arc (still probably wrong because who gets this stuff right?)

Kihara arc for Hamazura and Accelerator while Touma is dealing with Windowless Building. Of course, they'll all end up together at some point this arc and go after Aleister.
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Fact: no matter how good season 3 is it will never have soundtrack of this level
If this "Kihara arc" theory is true, my bet is on Yuiitsu's Kihara meme working on at the very least Salome and due to the infection, she goes after Accelerator and Hamazura. It makes sense considering she's already met Accelerator and Hamazura and fucked with them. The largest hole in this theory, which I acknowledge, would be why she'd bother them even with a Kihara infection when it seems like she has everything she wants.
A completely new Kihara coming to investigate Yuuitsu's meme plan (and deciding to mess with Accelerator and AIM Stalker) could be a possibility

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