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Because the cost to run the tanks must be significant, what vehicles do you think the Sensha-Do members use on a frequent, if not daily, basis?
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I'd say a school bus?
Most of them are to young to have cars, aside from the school duty, like the Sodokos with their old army truck.
The drivers should be granted their driving license, since they drive fucking tanks all day round.
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True, but most of the girls simply won't have enough money to buy a car.

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Episode 12 is almost done being dubbed. Here's where we wait.
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>being dubbed

I'm fucking retarded.
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TLC is short for Translation Checker. The first go-around of a translation is typically pretty rough, TLC is to make it as accurate as possible. LWA can take a while sometimes because of the spells having odd pronunciations.

I believe this is the longest to release too.

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What about Gamlin's song?
Fuck, I have to watch 7 now.

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Where were you when the world united in one voice to send off the Greatest, World-conquering 2d Idol Group we had ever seen?
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In a cinema in Roppongi because I couldn't get tickets to Tokyo Dome. It was a good sendoff.
In Sydney singing Donna Toki mo Zutto with thousands of others around the world on Day 2.
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It feels like they played a prank on Suwawa and did not tell her the event was formal.

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>making two AOTS in a row
>the best anime of all time incoming
Seriously, how long until Kyoani will monopolize the anime industry?
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I think everyone else accepted that they will always be competing for #2
>Girlish Number
>Kuzu no Honkai

Fuck off.
Shows so good no one talks about them after they're done airing.

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Today It's Joke!
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Post some dirty jokes OP, I know you got'em
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Give me ONE (1) good reason Renge can't be my wife.
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because she is currently on my face
you're too old.
Because she's like 6 years old dude

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I think it’s about the right time of year for yet another /a/ sings.
There’s been a lot lately, but all of them for seasonal shit. It’s time to go back to an old darling of /a/: Lucky Star
The due date will be in two weeks, the 14th of April. Send your submissions to [email protected]
Here’s a link to more juicy details: https://mega.nz/#!sYoQlTzS!AU18eVxsVL83ZPjjZjiIWe2_yrXS09CPqwlBVrGB-MQ

Feel free to post a little something extra for the video as well, the best submission will win a pair my used panties.
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Wait, this one?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=03x0bU2w9HI

Fuck yeah!
>april 14
Shit I aint got time for this.
It's not like I'm on a schedule. Let me know when you'd be able to get something in

Volume 12 delayed. It was erased from the graph displaying the books that would go on sale in April and May.

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>look at the date
>look at the http://gagagabunko.jp/release/index.html
yep everything fits
hello darkness my old friend
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Did she really want to kill Shichika for revenge or was that just a lie she told him so that he'd choose to continue living without her?
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No idea. That's what makes the ending great.
It's hard to say, but I like to interpret it as the latter. My main point of evidence was that she had her "scheming" eye on when she told Shichika that.
She wanted to go on living with him, but lied to him in order to try and make him stop caring about her.

When will we ever get a straight up plane anime ? Area 88 is just not enough. I demand more.
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Planes are fucking boring.
You're fucking boring
Just wait, they'll soon make Girl-planes, and then japan will be all over that shit, and then a few months later /a/k/

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And Sakura, Sakura, Sakura, Sakura, Sakura, Syaoran, Syaoran, Syaoran, Syaoran, Syaoran, Syaoran, and Watanuki! Happy Birthday!
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Fuck CLAMP and their confusing ass series.
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It's confusing because you're stupid.
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"Sakura to Futatsu no Kuma" (Sakura and the Two Bears), will have an original story that will connect the story of the "Sakura Card Arc" and the "Clear Card Arc,"

New animation this September.

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What is the most underrated anime since 2004? I'd say K-ON
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Bleach was just flat out bad though.
How is K-ON underrated?

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What made you fall in love with your waifu or husbando? Was there a specific thing that made you fall in love?
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Her Smile
Similar personality and compatibility; we would be friends and wouldn't rub each other the wrong way if we lived together; I would actually enjoy being around her, more than I can say for most people, rather than preferring to be on my own as usual. It helps that she's really pretty too; at least in the way that I like.
her ass fat

you can put 10 donuts on it

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How do we get this funded?
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now were muppets now?
If they can make puppet theater work, chances are muppet anime will be fine.
Okay, I'll bite.
What is this?

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