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My wife Mocha is so lewd!
how much for marriage?

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Is there any point in hoarding shows you've already watched?
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Sometimes you want to re-run one you particularly enjoyed/hated/both.
To share with friends and family.
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They get lost to time, and some remasters end up worse than the originals. BD have small fixes, changes and uncensored so they're worth collecting over the broad casting run. Also, lets say an anime gets popular in the west, they'll start doing take down notices or copyright claims to get the stuff barred.

While shit like that is annoying and doesn't stop the people that already got it BEFORE it became popular, it does cut off future access to it. From there it's a hail mary that hoarding people, like me re upload stuff a few years down the line once the heat has died down.

It gets very difficult to find anything pre 2000, more difficult than it should be; a side effect of the passage of time. In 20 years, who will care about Sae Kano Season 2 or Maid Dragon? Would you care to rewatch maid dragon in 5, 10, 15 years from now for old times sake?

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Since Kuzu no Honkai was popular, is this getting adapted next?
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No, but you knew that.
Why wouldn't it? It's got a now popular artist due to KnH, and the author is already well known due to Elfen Lied.
Because there's not much of it, and even though some more chapters are coming, there will continue to not be much of it, since it's a side project for both of them when they have free time?

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How many years has it been?
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A journey of nearly 13 nears and it was worth in order to make love to lovely Louise all night long.
Not enough for me to forget this crap
It only recently ended, anyways

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So what was the point of this character?
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so JoJo would have someone to explain his secret technique to.
Jojo deserves an award for the show with the most exposition ever.

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We will get otps things in all the matches? That would be nice.
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whats is /a/'s reaction when it is revealed that Rindou is Jou's niece and She managed to beat Jou ONCE, in a cooking battle

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VRAINS? More like GAINS. Am I right?
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More respect with miss Aoi, please.
>Link Summon?
More like TRUE KINGS
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>3 years with Aoi
>No more Rin

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Why is she so best?
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If Ritsu is asian why is she eating a donnut?
I'd put a love letter in her mailbox if you know what I mean
it's that forehead, bro. it yanks the cum right out of me.

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let's discuss the latest chapter
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It was a pleasure meet you, anon
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You see where all this lewd posting leads to?

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It's April! Where's the new OVA?!
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**2位/**2位 ○ (*10,949 pt) [*,*15予約] 17/04/26 GRANBLUE FANTASY The Animation 1(完全生産限定版) [DVD]
**4位/**3位 (*14,960 pt) [*,*41予約] 17/04/26 GRANBLUE FANTASY The Animation 1(完全生産限定版) [Blu-ray]
**8位/**8位 (***,624 pt) [*,**6予約] 17/05/24 GRANBLUE FANTASY The Animation 2(完全生産限定版) [Blu-ray]
**9位/**9位 (***,851 pt) [*,**6予約] 17/06/28 GRANBLUE FANTASY The Animation 3(完全生産限定版) [Blu-ray]
*11位/*11位 (***,714 pt) [*,**4予約] 17/10/25 GRANBLUE FANTASY The Animation 7(完全生産限定版) [Blu-ray]
*12位/*12位 (***,692 pt) [*,**4予約] 17/07/26 GRANBLUE FANTASY The Animation 4(完全生産限定版) [Blu-ray]
*13位/*13位 (***,679 pt) [*,**4予約] 17/09/27 GRANBLUE FANTASY The Animation 6(完全生産限定版) [Blu-ray]
*14位/*14位 (***,622 pt) [*,**0予約] 17/08/23 GRANBLUE FANTASY The Animation 5(完全生産限定版) [Blu-ray]

Is this the power of Vyrn's cuteness?
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The power of gacha, you mean.
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That's the power of a cash cow.
The power of shady and unfair marketing tactics

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Ready for the AOTS?
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Is it actually a new story or is it just the first season from the autistic girl's perspective?

Its the stuff she's doing concurrently to the first season which is almost totally different.
Loki is the heroine in this one actually. So no.

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*teleports behind you*
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i want to fuck akarin in her tight ass and feel it squeeze around my dick
*snatches ur odangos before you can even swing the sword*

Will the new trilogy have moments like this, or will be disappointed once again?
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Sappy romance scenes? E7 has those out the ass.
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Doesn't answer my question
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Care to explain why you think they're sappy? The life of everything is at stake, after all.
Was it 2deep4u?

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What are you watching this season?
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None of your business.
Why do you want to know?
Nothing my internet is shit

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