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Fuck one
Marry one
Be magically transformed into one
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Fuck all
Marry/become none
Fuck Sento
Marry Sento
Become Sento

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Acnologia confirmed a jobber
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>build up big bad for almost entire series
>introduce BIGGER bad half-way through out of nowhere
>no character introduced so far is even able to light a candle to this guy
>"final" arc happens
>still no one able to stand up to bigger big bad
>technically all 12 underlings of the original big bad they now ALSO have to face are also vastly more powerfull Than any of them
>even they are fodder to this guy
>every single one of them jobs to the main characters through lazy asspulls
>have to literally asspull the bigger big bad away from the fight because he's too strong for anyone right now
>he shows up later on, no one is ready for him, everyone is heavily injured, near death or fighting someone else
>epitome of despair, they are all fucked
>lol i'm lucy's ancestor who also traveled through time and i have a super secret weapon that's gonna defeat him now kthnksbye
I would feel sorry for anyone who read this shitshow for the story but it's been plainly obvious mashima had no idea what he's doing and can't write for shit from chapter one so... nah, of you didn't see this coming or still held onto the vain hope he was going to do this right you're retarded.
The only sane move is to read fairy tail for the semen demons.
>The only sane move is to read fairy tail for the ryona

Remember rave?

Relying only on your own memory, do you remember the name of THIS character?
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Someone from 00 I think
Purple Ribbons
Close, anon!

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When will the ride end?
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Mid '20s or early '30s. Maybe that's just me being optimistic though. I'm not ready for it to end.
what stories can still be told?
10 Years later 10 years after that and 10 years later it will end in 10 years for sure. By then Oda will confirm that the show is 3/4 done and it will be done in 10 years but first let him explain this random character's tragic backstory for 2 months.

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ITT: Anime that straight-edgefags will never understand
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is this really that hard to understand?
You don't seem to understand.
OP is a brainlet.

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But here the kicker he will make a Maken doujin after he is done and all his contract is over, he already made a teaser for it in his enty page, Enty is a website where artist draw exclusive stuff but you to pay a sub to view them, it'd like a payed pixiv..

In an interview he said he won't make another manga again cause expectations are hard (if the net is the basis for fandom people hate Hiromitsu if it isnt for his drawing style he will be gone by now) everyone in japan trash Maken thr only thing Goin for it is the art..so he said he might draw for some writer or just continue his doujin work.. this all news a year ago I'm just saying it for the people outside japan and sort for my english..
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please be about espada
Wew, this shit is still going on?
I remember fondly the sensei with the ridiculous tits and the blonde twintails. As long as the blonde doesn't end with the friend everything is ok in my book.
i doubt his contract will allow him to draw porn of his manga after he finishes it
but he cant always just make characters that look like the manga characters and name them something else
>he said he might draw for some writer
this is good

ITT shows where the girls only have realistic hair color.
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that sameface
Of all the series to complain about that, you choose the one where the girls have unique eyes and different eye shapes?
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It starts falling apart once you get into the side characters and this only applies to Railgun, but I've always noticed how Railgun's main cast has sane hair colors.

Do you like blonds with big boobs, /a/?
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I like red heads with big boobs.
Only when their boobs aren't deformed
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anime tiddies80.jpg
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You know if you're gonna bitch about normies you could at least have the decency to not be COMPLETELY FUCKING AWFUL AT THE GAME!
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Nothing wrong with specializing in a cosmetic build

Not if you don't mind your party bleeding to death

20 minutes of two autists making vague grunting noises.
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>Dazai once said
>How to talk to girls : The anime
Japanese propaganda to fight declining birth rates is in effect.
all anime are like that

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Hey guys, let's discuss what would happen if Touhou got a full length anime!

Would there be ANY way to satisfy everybody?
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i hate cirno posters so much
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cirno panic.jpg
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How do you emulate your waifu's scent?
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i work at a gym, go figure.
I've bought girly perfumes and use them on my daki every other day.
I'd have to become an herbalist.

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Ha! They're bringing everything from Syosetsu. This is another harem series involving demihumans.
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Reminder that this series has an mc having animal sex.
real animal sex or demi-human animal sex
Like straight up sticking his penis in an actual horse kind of sex

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Anyone else surprised this didn't get a season 2? It was really popular
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I'm still hoping it'll happen some day.

It felt like they were starting to run dry 3/4 of the way through. They had to introduce new characters with new gimmicks because we can only chuckle at Konata referencing anime so many times before we're tired of it.

I can't get enough of Kagami though.
And now it's 10 years old

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Will this spring be decided as the worst season we've had in a while?
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Literally said every season
some anons are being pretty tsun and don't like to admit it, but the winter season was pretty alright
only posers said it last season

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