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JIKAI: Japari World
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Guide! Guide! Savanna guide!
I'd Slug.

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UQ Holder 135 spoilers are out and looks like we're back with nothing but advanced harem.
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The most plot we're getting is this page.

What does /a/ like to do after they've watched/read something that completely guts you inside after you finish?

Pic not related
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>Pic not related
it is for me actually. I usually have a walk outside and have a couple smokes.
start watching CGDCT until the pain subsides
Fap like always,

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What the fuck is this shit hiroshimoot.
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Use the catalog, anon.
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just update your adblock filters you neanderthal

Do you like this doll?
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I want them to release yotsugi DX already. I don't want to wait till summer.
Yes, but not as much as human girls, vampires or ghosts.

Is there a worse and more unfunny character archtype then the comedic masochist? They are all literally one joke characters whose only purpose is to repeat the same joke over and over again. It's funny maybe the first time but after a while you just want the character dead
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It can be a funny character, but not in large doses.
fuck off megumeme retard
If you are watching anime, especially ecchi anime, for the comedy, you have made a terrible mistake.

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Out of all anime, which character screams the most?
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You're gonna love this OP, trust me.
What you're seeing now is my normal state.
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Who here uses SmoothVideo Project (SVP) for their animus and mangos?
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Fuck no.
Videogame fans.
I assume bad people.

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Dude; why doesn't Gintoki like Ayame? Isn't she kind of like a good, cool cultured catch? Isn't she kinda trendy? Cuz of the glasses and stuff? Despite being vintage and stuff?

Is it because of her glasses that he's embarrassed about her or ruin his image or something?

What's wrong with that? And she's pretty skilled too. Isn't he kind of being hypocritical being into the same kind of things she is?

What gives? Why doesn't anyone ship it? Is that part of the joke too? I mean; it would kind of obviously work well.

He's even complimented her and said that she's kind of pretty and big breasted; but can't figure out why she can't find anyone else.

Can't they just be like; friends?
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She's crazy,anon. Wanna know something else, their voice actors have the same kinda relationship, Koyabashi actually does stalk Suigta and even shows up in the recording studio on days Ayame is not even in an episode.She wants Suigita to merry her.
Sadistic bitch would would probably get annoying after the first night and he basically is a bum living on what little cash he can find.

>Can't they just be like; friends?
They are friends, he just doesn't like her THAT way. Not to mention when they first met she basically told them they got married and shit, not a great way to start off a good longterm relationship.

Lastly we all know Tsukuyo is best
What's your source on this?

ITT: when he sees your vagina
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N-no bully!
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Is any anime girl more deserving of a hug?
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Watch out anon, you've just started a thread that will attract tons of /pol/ kiddies.
Can't empathy for a little girl who deserved better be universal?

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Are you going to watch Aiz's anime?
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Looks like fucking shit
No hestia so no.

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Do you like Usagi, /a/?
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What is the meaning of this?
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I posted her, and then I wanted to make a thread because I think she deserved it.
Usagi is my favorite senshi. It's a shame not everyone understands how great she is.

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what the fuck is this
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you're bothering people.jpg
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>he doesn't use the catalog
>not using adblock
Are you actually retarded?

wish I could afford holo ;_;

Did they just smash their heads on the keyboard after translating the potato part?
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Looks like some serial reg
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There was a 5 Guys in Jormungand?

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