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What the fuck was her problem?
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Needed more dicks in her.
Her only real problem was solved after she got that item that stopped her from draining luck from the people around here. Poorfag persisting in wanting to permanently drain her luck to below the human baseline was just malice.
Her and the bad luck slut never yuri'd it up.

>oh look I'm killing my wrist to death
Do Japanese schoolboys really hold their bags like this? They seem to be shown doing it all the time in anime. Why not get a backpack or a messenger bag instead of cocking your wrist back over 90 degrees under the weight of the whole bag?

>walking with your eyes closed
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Because they think it makes them look cool.
>over 90 degrees
That's less than 90°.
And the weight of the bag doesn't pull the wrist down because the cords are going over the shoulder.
Depends entirely on the length of your strap. I've carried my gym bag that way for hours on end without it causing me any grief.

Before you ask why I carried my gym bag for hours on end, I used to live quite a distance from the gym and I walked.

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ITT: Identify a series by its skyward pan.
Starting off with a fairly tough one.
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Seirei no Moribito

Sora ni Mukae
>Thin veiled source thread

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Oi Cockona
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What would her bj feel like
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Yayakunt is best kunt.

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It's out

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Girl is actually ok.
I think she will end up as heal slut.
This manga is surprisingly good
>Fighting is bad!
I usually hate these kind of idiots, but being that kind of idiot is his whole character. It's kin of endearing in a way. Especially since the author doesn't attempt to give him any depth. If he had depth his character would just implode into shit.

What is your fav anime? And why is it Evangelion?
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Not even close
But it isn't.

best trailer i've seen for the show

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Kaguya vol.5 cover
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Last volume finally has pres on it


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Will the Mizu Asato Kemono Friends doujin ever be scanned?
Will he sell it again on Comiket?
This is automatically a better thread than the other one.
Guess I'm hopping on this train.

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>another generic isekai

will the suffering ever end?
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Not until all you faggots are gone, no
And which isekai is it?
At least name the series so other people can form their own opinions.

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Why do age and height gap couples so superior?
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(Fuck me)
Didn't read the ending.

Does she make it?

IIRC the MC stays in his dragon form right?
Yeah, she got a happy ending with her husbando.

Another yes for MC's dragon form.

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Was he in the right?
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No, the right course of action would have been to take a dozen levels in cleric instead of learning outdated medical skills. Then he would have been able to take care of the villages health related issues faster, and he would have wiped out the vampires as they arrived.
Nah senpai

No, fuck that guy.
He willfully withheld the truth from the village which led directly to the death of that crazy old woman.

Also Sunako did nothing wrong, she just needed more head pats.

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Lets reviewing an anime in 10 words or less

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>Lets reviewing an anime in 10 words or less

or learn english first
>Love live
Boring as fuck if you're not into idolshit

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The drills.png
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First chapter out, art looks shit. Not as good as LN. And you still wonder if he will stay a wizard.
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Like I said, art looks shit compared to LN.
Translator dropped the LN
Someone pick it up
all the main females are used goods and have shit end

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Tsuyu Asui.png
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Post your best frog characters.
>inb4 someone posts an actual frog
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world war 1.jpg
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You know how many fucking doujins these guys are in?

Puts Tsuyu to shame honestly...
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Tsuyu-chan is the cutest.

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Dumping ch62
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