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Why is he so perfect?
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Why did they shove in all that uninspired fighting at the beginning of the anime? The manga starts right where it should to hook the viewer. Having to use cgi is no big deal, but when the cgi is the main subject of animation (a car chase), shouldn't you animate that part? (or at least, create better looking cg).

tl;dr yes he is best boy
>inb4 Kemono Friends is to blame for the increased CGI
Bet Shitposter-san would love to say this
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Pretty sure florists are some of the happiest and nicest people you'll meet.

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Guys, fan service is bad because anime is art, mmmkay?
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inb4 another 600 replies
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fuck off with your shilling, nobody wants to discuss or post shinmai so stop fucking forcing it every day.

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For its flaws, Maid Dragon was the anime of the season. Great production and direction as always from KyoAni, good characterization and development, and comfy comedy.
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>anime of the season
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>anime of the season
We all know who the real winner was.

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Is Sento a well-written character?
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She's probably the most believable female lead of the past 2 years
She was definitely more fleshed out than I expected her to be.

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Would you have done the same?
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Yea, probably. She was very annoying that episode.
She's annoying every episode.
It's a scale, she went over the line that time.

Who the fuck thought that this was a good idea?
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She is supposed to look old.
I thought it was refreshing. Sometimes I get sick of :> and :3 anytime a character is smiling.
Pretty sure Takahata said he wanted to make the facial expressions more realistic

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Why did you gave up on learning Japanese, anons?
You could have read so many beautiful manga right now.
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Kanji sucks.
well you see OP, i am extremely lazy and unmotivated, which is the reason i am a NEET and have so much spare time to watch japanese animes
I went as far as looking at the djt OP once but i didn't actually do anything
Too much work.

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been few days since I've been on. Missed a good Lupin thread last night. It's time to have a new one since it's his big year.
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Anon you just made me realize that it's his 50th anniversary and we only got Goemon's movie.

I mean it was good, but i wanted to see something about Lupin, odd years are good for anime series usually
Now that i think about it, we are still away from agoust, i hope we'll get something
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I have this feeling we aren't going to get anything else. I would like a season 2 for Blue Jacket, or perhaps a Monkey Punch-esque OVA. Something other than just the Goemon movie would make me happy.

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Chapter is out on mangaONE app. Dumping raws provided by screenshot anon (can be found at https://mega.nz/#F!2YdgAbDS!W_KM78DNwVlqP0MW3mmZ1w) with rough translation.
ONE has officially lost it.

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>Seriously… It’s the real deal?
>So they really came…

>Wai… Wait a minute. What do we do!?? What *should* we do!?
>Don’t ask us! Aren’t you the one who wanted to meet aliens, President!?

>What do! They’re descending, now!!?

>Anything!!? Don’t you have a butterfly net with you or something!?
>Why would you try and capture them!! We don’t know what might happen if we anger them!
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>They’re here…
>That’s… That’s what aliens look like…!!

>Slender limbs…
>Large cranium…

>A slippery skin…
>Big, glittering eyes…!!!

>There’s no mistake. That’s the real thing…!!!
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>As one would expect, our ways of viewing the world are completely different… Can we even understand each other?
>But that’s a beautiful look (he’s probably talking about how the aliens are looking at them)

>…I don’t feel any hostility.
>Ah look. They want to shake hands.

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Do you delete after watching?
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So who else is watching Samurai Flamenco (2017)?

I wasn't expecting much but after watching ep 0 and 1, I'm very interested and am looking forward to the next ep. The 3d is surprisingly not that bad
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>Samurai Flamenco
That's a pretty bold claim to make, you sure you can back that up?

thats some nice rcgi
This show is too serious to end up like SamFlam.

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Being Emilia must be terrifying.

>be cute underage loli hafu erufu
>have parents slaughtered in front of you
>get trapped in a huge block of ice for a century, but your body is still aging like normal
>wake up to find out you're not a cute loli anymore
>now have giant erufu tits on your chest
>this kid named Subaru keeps trying to look down your cleavage and kiss you
>whenever he's near you get a funny wet feeling in your panties where you go pee but you're not sure why
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Literally made for sex.
Reminder if Arch was still alive she'd have a boyfriend by now
delete this

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Anyone who somehow still hasn't gotten it by now, this is your chance to claim you were only pretending to be retarded.
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I fucking hate April Fools.
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Yuno is a squid!
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Yuno is a Goku!
Next seasons never
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Yuno is cute!

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