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Well, this was a gigantic waste of potential.
So many cool ideas and hints at a bigger scope, then 2/3 in it decides to wrap everything up in the shittiest way possible. And to add insult to injury it adds a sequel bait at the end once it's all ruined.
btw at least it got smokers being subhumans right.
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Really a shame that 3/4 of it are SoL shenanigans. Could've been so much more.
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Obnoxiously preachy anti-smoking episode aside, it was pretty enjoyable at least. I got an artbook and some figs out of it, so I can't complain too much.
I liked the art, but you are right in that it had the episodes with the fairies and the temple, but left everything nebulous and didn't follow up well. I still want to fuck Roboko however.

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>The reconstruction minister wears an Eva necktie

Would you wear anime clothes?
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>[minister enters]
>Hello everyone, as you can see from my tie, I am in charge of REBUILDing
>[man whose family died in earthquake bursts into tears]
He is a Asuka or Reifag?
>it's the manga
Not canon!

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I'm enjoying Konosuba but this show was a better Isekai parody.

Konosuba has better waifus, though
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I agree. S2 never.
>Konosuba has better waifus, though
Fuck waifus, Konosuba doesn't have a character as based as our boy ED
>Konosuba has better waifus, though

Nobody is better than Mariandale. Nobody.

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anime debate.jpg
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Finally got around to watching all of Full Metal Alchemist and Brotherhood. Brotherhood was the better version to me but the original was still good. The original's ending however was shit. I hated it. And yes I saw the movie that was supposed to be the actual ending and it was still shit. Tell me why those of you who prefer the original prefer it. I found brotherhood a lot more entertaining and interesting.
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I'm with you on Brotherhood being better.
I also just finished Brotherhood for the first time the other day. It was amazing, 10/10 out of me. Nothing felt wasted, meandered, or pointless. The drama scenes were done tastefully, the plot twists felt realistic. Arakawa's own pen was not outdone in any way by the 2003 version. I was a huge, huge fan of it back in early 2004 as well, so I don't say that lightly.
OP here

>Brothergood had better Wrath (I fucking hated original's wrath he was an annoying little shit but so was Selem being pride so I just think Bredley is the better character than either of them)
>Original had better Sloth
>Original had more interesting Lust
>Brotherhood had better Greed with the whole prince thing
>Brotherhood had a more interesting Envy but original's envy being Hoenheims son was pretty cool still I liked brotherhood's envy more
>Brotherhood had the better main bad guy. Didn't really care for Dantae
>Brotherhood had the better ending although I didn't like either desu
>I liked the Xiang stuff in Brotherhood
>Brotherhood had the better scar imo but I still liked him in the original
>Gluttony was an idiot in both so that doesn't matter
>Brotherhood had the better Hoenhiem
>Brotherhood had better Pinacho
>Brotherhood had better Winry
>Brotherhood had Olivier who was awesome
>I liked the whole fort briggs thing so good for brotherhood
>Original with Shao tucker and nina was... weird. I liked it being open and closed more in brotherhood instead of dragging that on. Should have kept Shao dead.
>Original had better origin for the humonculie.
>I liked "father" becoming a god more and that was the point of him doing what he did more than Dantae's reasons
>Ed giving up alchemy is better than him going to another world that shit was dumb
>HATE that in the original Ed and Winry go fucking nowhere. Didn't like how Brotherhood did it either but at least there was something there.

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How can you be sure that Char is coming? Perhaps he's just faking it?
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This starts blaring

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You get the impression someone is coming to laugh at you.
If the girl is young he is certain to come.

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No scans thread? Let's fix that.
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Is this the only good anime where the MC is the villain?
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there's overlord Kara no Kyoukai monster and Gankutsuou i know a few others but i only wrote what i thought was good also light is closer to an antihero than a villain
Code Geassish
If you consider Lelouch a villain...

But yeah OP, if you haven't watch Code Geass if you liked the mindgame aspect and MC is anti-hero/villain

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Is Sasuke a well written character?
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yeah sorry
yeah sorry
yeah sorry

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Nyanko is ____!
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not for JoJo's

They're cats though.

Not dogs.

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What is best song?
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Gimme love and money
Remember Me

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Whar are you anons watching?
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>I can't believe I'm watching 10 anime series
You dropped a lot. Have you begun to hate anime? Soon you'll get a job, a girlfriend, a kid, and then you'll move on.

Careful there.
I don't know yet, there isn't a first episode yet for many of this season's anime. Less than I watched on winter and fall, probably.

I guess if you can't fist an android, you can actually ask them for a blowjob.

Lewd androids are here NOW!
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i didn't even last 3 minutes in
what was that?
>what was that?

A generic opening.

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This show is a poor mans Busou Shinki.
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>buying 10,000jpy nippers
>5,000jpy figures
fucking hell all the shows out so far are terrible.
I liked it better when it was called Hand Maid May and they wore maid outfits.

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Is HxH the deepest anime?
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who gives a shit
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Not even close.

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