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Should I invest a blue ray player for my pc or invest in a PS4 to watch my animus in 1080?
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I stream animuz on my ps4 just get 1 its cheap
Junko thread?
BR Player on the PC? It's like a 50$ drive, I'm not sure I'd call that an investment, just fucking buy it and don't be poor.

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Still the best of he shit three that aired that season, op included.
>butthurt rakudaifag detected

Asterisk >>>>>>>>>> rakudai en every metric

the worst shows have the best soundtracks

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Why are male friendships so much better than CGDCT-esque female friendships?
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Why are their hands greasy? Why are they sweating so much?

It wasn't hot wings, was it?
They thought there would be rock
Didn't we just have this thread?

Penguin-san Penguin-san!
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Nani, Panda-kun?
In retrospect Panda was an asshole
I miss that show.
Know what, I'm going to go fall asleep watching it.

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>It's a "dude read the manga lol" ending

Fuck this shitty show. Aki is probably the shittiest tsundere in existence and everything went down hill after fatty was introduced.
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why did you even bother with this show? Most anons told you this was a pile of crap.
and i agree with them having read the manga
I dunno. I was bored and thought Yoshino looked extremely cute.
>>It's a "dude read the manga lol" ending
>Fuck this shitty show.
Stop watching anime then.

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>physically weak and frail-looking
>cute when she's sad or hurt
>would not even try to fight back
So, she's pretty much made for bullying?
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Some girls you just don't bully whatsoever, OP. Yin is one of them.
Or awakens, loses her identity, and fucking mass murders every little thing in proximity. Sure why not bully her then.
Bullying with my dick, yes

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Are you fucking kidding me? This was the last place I didn't have ublock working, fuck you Hiro.
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Holy fuck I just realized Hiro did this to piss off idiots still using page view instead of catalog. Maybe that will get all these retards to leave.
>going on the index
It's only a matter of time until the ads hit the catalog too.

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The best battleharem of fall 2015 is coming.

>In order to battle witches who threaten to destroy their world, the Anti-Magic Academy trains special soldiers to be Inquisitors–but not every student is successful, as is evidenced by the ragtag 35th Test Platoon. Takeru Kusanagi, a soldier who relies on his sword rather than guns or magic, is captain of the struggling platoon. When the elite shooter Ouka Ohtori is demoted into the 35th Test Platoon for excessive violence, they're all in for a rocky mission…and an explosive future.

>The company will release the entire manga in a single omnibus edition release on November 7 for US$19.99.
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>a manga about witch hunters doing cute things

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that setting looks like the brainchild of black lagoon/jormungand and warhammer40k, but since it's a battleharem, it's gonna be extremely shit regardless, right?
did the manga cover the whole novel?

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sing u thot.jpg
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Can you imagine Gendo asking Rei to sing "Fly me to the moon" for him everytime he goes to see her alone, while she is spinning in her tang tube?
He be like sitting on a chair with his "gendo pose" and just say :"Sing"
Rei starts spinning and sing the whole song for him
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thanks for the autistic chuckle anon
can you fucking not OP

Thanks for the laugh, retard op

Is Ouran worth watching?
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Looks like a fujobait to me

This is your jounin tonight.
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>Why should that be the case?
Parents share as much DNA with their children as siblings do with each other.

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>cute disabled girls doing cute disabled things anime never
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manga name
Let's make one.

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Don't mind me, I'm just gonna give up some perfect wife material because I'm in love with my literal blood related sister
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What's the problem here?
Why marry someone you don't love as much as someone else?
It wouldn't really make sense to marry someone if you were in love with someone else, no matter how pragmatic it would be. That is not how love works, anon.
Why would you marry someone you don't love? On the contrary it would be cruel for both the other girl and yourself to do so.

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no thread???
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no subs!!!
No wonder. It was horribad.

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I have faith in bandori.
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It's not bang day yet
Bang Dream threads are always welcome. Tae best girl.
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>Tae best girl.
Let's be friends.

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