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Dropped this shit when she became a whore
why do you keep making this thread

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Japariket is here.
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>scans never
it hurts
awfully nice of them
I hope our japanons deliver

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Looking back and even at the time this show was kind of shit.

So why do I love it?
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Almost kept going just for pic related but after asterisk I couldn't do it again.

It's only 12 episodes, it's not like it's a huge commitment or anything.

Would you betray your race for hot alien poon?
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It wasn't that bad if you treat it as an audio drama. Or you can think of the bright side, it may go down in history as the most poorly animated show of the decade.

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Is this the only correct way for the west to do an anime/manga/LN adaptation?
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Make it whatever is the opposite of shit
Hollywood got lucky. It won't happen again.
If only they could all have Tom Cruise in them

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This is what impeccable character design look like.
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This is what reposting/spamming looks like.
She just looks like a basic white bitch to me.

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>I was the villain all along
Fucking GOAT.

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I just watched the movie, it was a blast to be honest.

Do you think B is actually dead?
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Nardo taller than the sauce now?
>Do you think B is actually dead?
He's fine in the credits.
It's pretty amazing how much they advanced in the span of 20 years or so.

I mean, that's like a jump from being in the 1600's to 2000's.

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What the fuck is this?
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Japanese Kit Kat
Desided to make a new thread, eh?
How much did J-List pay you, friend?

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ITT: Girls who are just too cute for /a/ to handle.
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Have you forgotten about the demis already?
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I don't recall her tits being that big, better post some more images to jog my memory.
Vampires can increase boob size at will

ITT: Characters that have not made it to first base.
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didn't she go to college?
You know what happens to girl in college?
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most of the antagonists in this series

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Love it or hate it, you can't deny the impact it's had on the industry.
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Literally none whatsoever.
pls get out
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Hope Gun.jpg
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Stop making these threads already faggot.

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Will the Prisma Shirou movie be worth watching?
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If it has actual production values, yes.
My wife's in it so yes.
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Which one?

A while ago some anon showed this art by this specific artist it's some great art! (thank you <3)
Let's have a mature discussion /a/

Starting with: what would you do if you were the guy in the middle next to the girl peaking at the door?
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Walk over the cliff and kill myself
probably not notice it until she loses interest in me the a friend will tell me (too late) that she was interested in me then this >>155512151
Fuck off and lurk more.

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Can someone explain to me why this movie is held in such high regard? Maybe it's because I watched it right after reading the manga, but I was completely disappointed. It looked and sounded nice, but the story was a rushed, shitty version of the manga with boring undeveloped characters and barely any explanation for anything that was going on.
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I actually enjoyed it for about 20 minutes (because it was exactly like the first chapter of the manga) but after that it just turned into garbage. I tried to like it but I just couldn't.
Because Major's tits are erected.
t. brainlet

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