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Tomoko Kuroki.
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When does the new chapter come out?
It already did.

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Vigne was the only good thing about this overrated show and its cast of retards and terrible people. Discuss.
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I dropped it after 2 episodes because it kept on repeating the same joke with satania and that got boring really quick, especially since raphael was such a shit character.
Raphi got much better in later episodes. I didn't like her at the beginning either but she ended up being one of the best girls.

They were all great girls.
Coffee shop owner was the absolute best girl though.
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>implying you are not gook

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Is ONE the most overrated mangaka atm?
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decent writing but the art is a deadly sin
I'd say he's overrated, but probably not the most
He is the best comedy writer in Japan.
Not like anyone praises him for his art.
One of the promising new story writers. He's complete garbage at drawing though. The fact that OPM and MP100 are so good even withthe shitty art just shows how good he is at writing a compelling story, whether comedy or drama.

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Did he just resurrect someone and travel back in time to get a rematch for a kid's card game?
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Fuck yeah
Blue Eyes deck sucks thou.

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ITT: Ships that should have happened
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I thought it did eventually happen in the novels.
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Season six fucking when. And not anime original shit this time pls

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Sup /a/
What anime do you watch when you're very depressed and/or upset?
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Boku no Pico.
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When I'm in a bad mood everything seems like shit so I don't watch anything

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Is he kill? Is he going to fight his regeneration until he dies for good?
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Agni-sama will die and become a symbol and therefore truly a god. Cameragirl will be the new MC.
Opening with a star wars reference again. It was funny but it's getting dull. I don't now what to think anymore.
>not knowing neneto's name
There is no character driven enough to keep the plot interesting enough like Agni was with his epiphanies and hallucinations
I really want to see how the giant tree deal carries on

Leave Kemono Friends s2 to us
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I would like them to make Brides stories

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Why do people like this show? It's basically "Homewrecking: The Anime" with a crazy girlfriend.
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Because cute girls and weird stuff happens.
>like this show

They don't. No one on /a/ has ever watched it, they just fap to the girl.
I've watched the first 20 episodes. I got the idea of it. I think it is mostly redundant after that.

Daily reminder that there are still no decent subs for this.
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And why would I want her this?

I have the better version and is up to 100 chapters.
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>he doesn't know Japanese


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This is coolest scene I have ever read in manga.
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Keikaishi is unironically one of the best shounen ever
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Find a flaw.

Protip: you can't.
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I don't know, has "being an abusive bitch" ever occurred to you?
Eyes too far apart.
Ears too low.
Forearms of different length.
Misshapen feet.
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I can find plenty but that's what makes her best girl

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Has a show ever made you cry?
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yeah you posted it
No, I'm not a faggot.
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Best Clannad Girls
Tomoyo Kyou
Worst Clannad Girls
kotomi fuko ryou nagisa

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you can only choose one
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Sera a best. A BEST.
Mael, she is mai eternalfu

You know what i actually held out to the last couple of minutes that he was still alive. But damn i think the whole of anime was shocked at the ending.
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So I heard the title of worst Gundam was just overtaken. Is that true?
I actually appreciate it that they didn't chicken out and gave us "the bad guy wins" finale.
Kinda refreshing.
Why did they try to pretend that "beam"spam wouldn't be happening?

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