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>manga licensed
>it only covers the first volume
gee, thanks Seven Seas
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Black Bullet got it worst. Consider the art was amazing.
>only covers the first volume
That's all?
Probably testing the waters. I'll probably buy it since we won't get much of anything else.

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>Sigmund Freud: The Anime
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Reminder that /fit/ has taste.
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Sabina Spielrein: The Movie
Who would've thought that the closet board would go for the manfaced cunt?

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It's almost here, /a/. It's almost time to save anime.

Are you fucking ready for the next imouto/sibling romance anime?
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>harem shit
>cliched garbage
I'll pass, thanks.
Its gonna flop calling it.
I pray to god this shit saves anime

Isn't he supposed to be a loser? Yet everyone wants the 8inch.
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>Isn't he supposed to be a loser?

Yes and? It's an harem anime.
he's nice so he gets all the girls
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Let's talk about this masterpiece of the season.
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The OP is lit
More like a masterpiece of hipstershit
*tips fedora*

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I'm not picky
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What is his problem?
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not autistic enough
Too much justice
Autism. The problem is always autism.

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Back to our regularly scheduled tomboy shenanigans ft. Carol
I guess
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please give us an hiatus or something
So Misuzu now has an army of delinquents on her side.

Can anyone stop this madwoman?
You're in luck
>【Announcement】 "Tomo is a girl! "(Http://sai-zen-sen.jp/comics/twi4/tomochan/ ...) I will be closed from tomorrow 4/8 (Saturday). The next time will be updated 4/18 (Tuesday). Thank you for your consideration.

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How much ransom money can you get from kidnapping an idol?
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You seem to misunderstand. She's not trapped in here with you; you're trapped in here with her.
Depends on her family because the media will turn it's back on her while immediately pushing a replacement while her fans will discard her as used/broken goods.
Is there kickstarter on the moon? Maybe a lot.

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Why is Shitashi so shit? She ruined the whole episode!
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Best key girl
Gets me every time
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No dying.png
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Be it anime, manga or even LNs
Post and rate

befunky com/create/collage/
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What are top and middle left?
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Posting my anime one too.

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I'll start with a common one
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Why the fuck didn't xebec make a anime adaptation of this one
Some really old NGE doujin back in 2002.
I don't know but it definitely was a mistake on their part

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So then the question becomes - how the hell did Yamamoto defeat Yhwach 1000 years ago? The answer is simple - Yhwach's sight was limited. He only had two eyes, which meant his ability to see the future was limited. In all of the futures he viewed, none of them ended in his victory due to the sheer power of Yamamoto's Bankai so "The Almighty" didn't help. That's why he sent a duplicate against Yamamoto in the beginning of the arc - he knew he couldn't fight him head on so he needed to weaken him.
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Kill yourself, you fucking offsite cancer. You aren't welcome here.
Whatever floats your headcanon

Is the second season of this any good? Just finally finished the first and I fucking loved every minute of it. I loved how it ended and am worried if they fuck shit up in the second season.
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I know you fucks love this shit
depends how much you love rikka, or whatever her name was. The new girl to me was WAY better so this season was real boring to me and i dropped it after like 4 eps.
I loved the relationship that grew between them and it irks me that they thought it was a good idea to fucking extend a perfect ending I feel. But I still really like the characters and am looking for more of the character development which I've heard this one lacks a bit.

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>/a/ will defend this
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i will never enjoy fanta melon
Soda Water is pretty good.
I honestly don't mind product placement if no one in the show makes a big deal out of it. it's only annoying if they're like oh man is that a fanta? I love fanta!

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