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What is the appeal of S girls?
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They don't hate you for being a pathetic loser but they actually like it.
S girls want to dominate alpha guys, no doormats.
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My Japanese anime tells me otherwise.

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What is Dogakobo's best work?

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You can disagree on which anime is the best but it is a known fact that the cutest girl Dogakobo has worked with is Sakura Chiyo.
It's 1000% Mikakunin, but I will vote for the one that trigger the most people.
So Umaru?

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Umi is bored. What would you do to remedy this for her?
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Rape her.
Rape her.
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Tomato a slut. A SLUT!!!

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What kind of anime do you hate the most /a/?
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I fucking hate anime where the only constant joke is "tee hee I'm such an otaku". Am I supposed to laugh the 20th time the MC makes an anime/VN reference? or the 50th time his obsession for VN/anime/manga is the punchline? Truly the reddit of anime, the big bang theory of anime.
the kind you like unless I also like it.

in truth, mostly kyoani shit and whatever comes from the decripit pit of jc staff/xebec paste-on-eyed horseshit.

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what kind of music does sucy listen too?
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OST vidya
OPM: Original Pinoy Music.

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Sucy 5.jpg
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The man, The myth, The legend

Also Kengan Asura thread
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The number of times this old man is overestimated and underestimated can stress kill any full grown adult with a heart attack. It's hilarious that everyone in the upper echelons of society don't have an accurate picture of Kenzo when he's just a washed up old guy who's undergoing a life-or-death middle aged crisis. He's so stressed out that it made him more sensible to peril and analytical to danger with bad luck following him like a pet fucking dog.
Are not paying attention?
It seems Kenzo is more than meets the eye. He can easily know who the best fighters are by just looking at them and when they did the slot machines, he thinks it's slowing down eventhough it's can be seen by human eye according to that calculating girl.
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Is typesetting that difficult?

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Who was the best girl?
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Imouto's height throws me off because I got the impression she was by far the youngest because of her looks and personality and because during her arc she looks tiny but she's about the same height as the other girls. Hell she might be taller than Yui who's like an adult going to uni.
Imouto = Moka >>> Yui
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This >>155529331 looks about accurate

Hey wait a minute...
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Is that a Nintendo Switch?
I still don't understand what kind of monkey would get a psp/Vita to play shitty VNs on.

It's not they can't run on like any laptop or phone, and there are tons of pirate copies out there you won't have to pay for

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Can agree Chihaya is the best original [email protected]?
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>voiced by Asami Imai
>long blue hair
>brown eyes
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Nowa nowa.jpg
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>Asami Imai
one might agree, but then again best girl would disagree with you

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>syringe bullets that takes away a persons powers

Of all things to rip off why would anyone rip off the third x-men movie?
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Post yfw Red Riot UNBREAKABLE
Didn't the author already said that he gets all his ideas from hollywood movies?
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Can we have NSFW tag for NSFW images in /a/?

Some Ecchi anime shows have tits in it and it is not even hentai.
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By the official decree of Hiroyuki, nipples are allowed if they are in screenshots from an anime.
Lewd fanart is not allowed.
I fail to see the problem.
This thread is shit.
No. The whole point of the SFW and NSFW division of boards is to avoid most boards just becoming porn spam.

However, this has mostly failed because most posters just spam threads with /c/ and /e/ images, when they should be discussing instead.
This isn't difficult, anon.
>is it from an actual anime and manga, non-hentai?
Put it behind a spoiler.
>hentai, pornographic fanart, just some random /e/?
Not allowed.

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Leotards are perfect.
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For tards.
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Rikka is perfect
Deko is better.

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Would you a virgin sow?
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Thanks for reminding me that it's been too long since I've masturbated to Takeda Hiromitsu's h-manga.
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Not fair, I want to play with her tits too

>Thanks for reminding me that it's been too long since I've masturbated to Takeda Hiromitsu's h-manga.

Well, most of his h-stuff has been quite boring. Maken-ki actually is kinda sexier.

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>mfw there are people who don't like big breasts in anime

If you don't like tits you are either nigger, gay or pedophile
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It's called lolicon, faggot. And yes, flat chest = best chest.
I like misaki but your shop is pure cancer
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I like breasts as much as the next guy but usually larger ones are played for laughs or breast envy.
>not liking dfc

What is his endgame?
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Get a harem.
fucking the cat
it's a pig.

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