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Pick your waifu
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Where's the MC?
>make anime to promote robot girl toys
>the human MC is best girl
What did they mean by this?
Fuck all of them. Give me Architect or Hamburger. My best girl senses are already going off.

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Bort´s future waifu.jpg
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What´s her endgame?
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Probably going to end up making a better impression than some of the main characters due to limited screentime focused on her positive attributes, gain a fanbase that previously did not exist and end up winning by the end of the series.
And you forgot about her sailor fuku dress.

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Can someone please explain the appeal of this show to me? For a show that is so beloved by so many, it's so generic and uninteresting.
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it gets better by the third arc
what? It's actually at its best on the first two or three arcs

anyways, It's a great show in it's entirety OP
if you didn't like it, drop it, wait a few years until you mature more and try again

Okay reddit

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The stick represents my penis.
that girl's mouth represents my penis
Your dick is a winner?

what does /a/ think of F.A.G.?
tiny robot girls are cute but it has cgi
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is that 2b?
episode 1 came out earlier this week
>piss subs meme

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Are we getting any good ecchi anime this year?

Fuuka and Lucoa tits were pretty ok but i want something more hardcore.
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if you want hardcore why do you want ecchi?
Not hardcore but borderline hentai at least
Because ecchi gets the budgets. Jesus fuck you retarded newfags.

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Reminder If you're watching anime and you are not a little girl, then you're doing it wrong, onii-chan.
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My rl imouto thinks all anime is porn
Really only half of my collection is ecchishit and maybe 5% porn
My doujinshi collection is all porn tho and mostly loli so I figure she is right to be averse to weebshit
Does she think you're a perverted probably-rapist?
Because she probably should
Does it count if I am a little girl at heart?

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utena car ride.jpg
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Which arc was the best?
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Out of all three? Probably the second.
I thought there were 4. Though the last two kind of blur together
The confession shaft coffin room one is the best one. Utena deserves a remake.

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Boy do I love cartoons!
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Your move!
Yu-Gi-Oh fell right through the shit tube after the Shadow Realm arc.
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Why did they flashback to the Toei green hair Kaiba instead of flashing back to a scene from their own show where he had brown hair?

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What's your favorite art house anime?
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Boku no Pico
Those mass-produced dramas for teenagers and manchildren like every other anime.
>anything Kyoani
Good joke.

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> MC is native rather than the transportee
Offers new perspective rather than the usual self-insert.
> It is humans vs. demons but guns exist on both sides. With the incoming industry currently booming for humans, while demons attempt to catch up through stealing plans and spies. Demons have greater physical capabilities, having the ability of flight, inhuman strength, and so on. Usual magic does not exist like fireballs. Also, demons are basically humans but easily recognizable through animal features.
It creates an field of disadvantage and challenge for humans and mc.
> Prophecy is told through the church by god that heroes will be summoned.
> MC questions along with several generals and his friends as to why we need chosen heroes since the known weapons chosen by god are swords, bows and other crap (hello, guns?).
Keeps skepticism and awareness of such tropes.
> MC finds out the the heroes is one student (generic mc-kun) and bunch of girls (harem for generic-ass) including an average wimp with no blessings (he's the only normal person and is a pretty good listener and debater). He finds them ridiculous but feels sorry for the wimp.
> God has given them understanding and language of the world (except for wimp).
MC and wimp questions why along with others (keeps realism to an extent).
Set in present day, 6 space pods suddenly land on earth, each containing a GUNDAM. Inside each pod was a single word, written in every language known to man (and even some unrecognizable): SURVIVE.

The GUNDAM are huge and ridiculously overpowered by modern standards, and are literal country-destroying superweapons - to the point where if any superpower had control of just two GUNDAM instead of one, they could easily take over the world. The 6 landed in the following areas: USA, Japan, Russia, Germany, India and Brazil. Indian engineers are the first to properly interface with a GUNDAM, and within weeks they eradicate Pakistan and take over the Middle East. The other countries frantically catch up and defend their borthers. Each country quickly becomes a regional superpower, with all neighboring countries subsumed under their control after the first few careless demonstrations of the power of GUNDAM.

The story proper starts twenty years later. The world is teetering on a delicate peace. Although the Mutually Assured Destruction guaranteed by the existence of GUNDAM prevents open war, tensions are higher than ever with GUNDAM reminding everyone how close annihilation is. GUNDAM are close to being revered as the a patron saints and Holy Guardians of each region. [Generic Not-Japanese Name Here] has trained all his life for the extremely selective GUNDAM Pilot Programme, after his parents were killed in atrocities in the early months of the appearance of GUNDAM. After years of singular focus of qualifying, he is finally annointed as one of the selected few to pilot GUNDAM and serve and protect his motherland.

But questions still abound about the GUNDAM. Signs point to GUNDAM being sent from humans in the future rather than from space, but for what purpose? Initially, humanity believed that they were meant as weapons to defend against alien invasion, but after twenty years of no show and geopolitical tensions, it becomes increasingly plausible that SURVIVE referred to surviving the coming war against the other powers. There are further signs that there were supposed to be 8 GUNDAM in total, but only 6 have been found.

But none of this matters right now. By the end of the first episode, reports have confirmed that Russian spies have successfully infiltrated and taken control of India's GUNDAM.

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New anime directed by our lord and saviour Kenji Kamiyama.

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hope they work on a man machine interface or 1.5 adaptation being stuck in the classic story line its becoming odiosly tedious und boring.
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Is Arise worth watching?
I hope it's another addition to the Stand Alone Complex setting, but even if it isn't I trust Kamiyama to come up with something good.

So when's that new series coming
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>oh no a naked lady it's so gross I'm so scared
commence autistic screeching
It's fine to be nervous in a situation like the one pictured.

The problem is that this is a guy who has seen more vagina than every man on Earth combined. He shouldn't be the least fazed.
If he showed too much interest, he would have gotten laid by now and we can't have that.

This person walks up to your waifu and slaps her on the ass. What will you say/do?
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Kick his skinny ass.
Mind my own business because that's her wife.

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How did Shinji let his friends into the cockpit when it gets filled with LCL?
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Wondered the same thing when I watched that episode. It's still filled with LCL once they get in. In Episode 5, though, when Gendo opens Rei's entry plug the LCL spills out.
It's a fucking plothole. There is no reason for it
The same way you open a bottle of water without all of the water spilling out.

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