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Boruto has got a lot of nostalgia, but that's not what interests me about it. It's got a modern feel. Boruto cheats on his exams and makes his hardworking father disappointed. The age of technology is here and the age of honorable ninja is coming to a close. Really makes me think Kishimoto still knows what he's doing.

What did you guys think of it?
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What I think is: Remember all that time we spent waiting for Naruto to end?

Now we feel like idiots, don't we.
Fuck off Narutard
>what is an argument

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Hard mode: No Tomoko.
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Anon-kun and probably his waifu

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Kazuma, Kazuma!
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Posting best girl
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Pick your goddess.

Why do you hate this show?

>An ingenious cross between shonenshit and moeshit.
>Plenty of underage girls to masturbate to.

If /a/ created an anime, this would be it.
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Much like everything Kyoani shits out, there was cute girls and NO PLOT. Nothing fucking happened until Enigma came in. Finally when the show was getting good it ended.
I dropped it. I wanted to like it, more precisely my dick really wanted me to like it but there was nothing compelling me to stay, it was boring. I've seen hentai with more compelling story.
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>If /a/ created an anime, this would be it.

This. /a/ equals KyoAni and Kyoani equals /a/. Kyoani is everything that /a/ wishes to be and /a/ is what everything that Kyoani wishes to be. We are two forces that can't live without each other. For every action an /a/non takes, he would think "what would Kyoani do?" and for every frame that they draw, Kyoani would think "what would /a/ do?". We are to each other the reciprocal forces in the universe. Fuck the haters. All hail Kyoani.

what do you do when the best girl is also a boy?
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Fuck their boipussy.
Suck her dick. It's not gay if it's a girl.

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With Granblue, Eromanga Sensei, and Saekano S2, has A-1 won this season?
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Granblue destroyed my life, STOP WITH THE DOUJINS.
inb4 Shittastebro shills himself
Mediocre,above average to mediocre,mediocre.

Yeah no,if anything they're winning because of Granblue's estimated sales

Wellp my mind is fucked. Just watched neon genesis and end of envangelion. Can someone explain what the fuck? I get the whole producer depression thing but is this all supposed to lead up to something? Are there dots to connect? Thoughts? Opinions?
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watch the movie.
But anon who is best girl

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mine, not yours.jpg
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This is Saya, she is my waifu, say something nice about her
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I love how her pussy feels against my dick.
I hope she uses protection.
she's got a nice rack

This show really bought out the narmalfags to this board.
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And they will leave soon.
No, it turned honest to god /a/nons into blogposting normalfags overnight.
It exposed them as the filthy normalfags that they are.

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What kind of mother wont allow this?
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This is fukudahda right?
I think so too due to similar face structure.
Fukudahda needs to go back to full on hentai.
I mean what's the point of doing psuedoporn, when you were writing good actual porn.

I mean money is a factor, but is it worth it? Is he making more money writing this rather than actual porn?

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I have 60 episodes of the 2014 version to go

So is it worth it?

please no spoilers past episode 218
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No, the only thing it is good for is fap material.
If you've already watched 218 episodes you might as well finish it

Well at least it's the fight was better then S1 right
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You know what's so funny is I didn't notice the CLANG'ing so much this time still like the first ed better though


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I did another one because the gap caused by that missing chapter has been bugging me for a while.

It hasn't been TL checked though
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Has there ever been an anime girl who fell in love with her mother?
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/v/ermin are sub-human and fit only for mass extermination
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So close again

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Why did she have very little presence despite being the titular character and de facto main girl?
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Boring character, generic personality, worst girl. Overall mediocre, the author made a good choice by not giving her too much screen time.
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>worst girl
I got you covered m80
At least Esdeath has a distinct personality that keeps the story going. What does Akame have? A one-shot kill sword?

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