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This was a good show, admit it.
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First half was good. Second half was shit. The ojou-sama was unlikeable and they spent way too much time on her story-arc. The storyline with the fat kid made no sense and ending is pointless.
It was too smart for its time
The only thing I didn't like about it was that the issue with Gasou Kanetsugu was unresolved.

My understanding is that he was mistaken for Masamune because he's fat himself, and he's trying to con his way into marrying rich.

They didn't quite wrap this up as neatly as I thought they would.

How a single studio can be so successful without making any fanservice?
Kyoani thread I guess.
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learn what fanservice is
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The only character that mattered after all...
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You forgot someone :^)
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What was her endgame?
Kill yourself, retard.

Anyone else want to break their tv and track down Kyousuke and give him a slow and painful death when this happened?
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She's a violent bitch and deserves worse
Tsunderes a shit. Merry the cat instead.
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that why you play the game

What weird habit did you get from anime, /a/non?
I instinctively bow when I apologise or thank someone. Can't help it, it's like "Fuck, I did it again". People don't understand.
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When nervous, embarrassed, or uncertain — or lying — a character will sometimes rub the back of his head/neck with one hand, often with a patently fake grin or laugh accompanying the gesture. It appears a lot in manga and anime as a simple way to show off someone's character or how they are feeling
I was about to post this.
He said "anime", not "reddit".

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Couldn't she have just perform some magic trick to prove she's the real deal?
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Magic Kingdom rules say she can't show non-magicians and she can't use magic except when absolutely necessary so no. Not that it mattered in the LN since she straight up saves Koutatou from burning to death right on the first fight between all the girls and he just thought it was some kind of special effect.
Couldn't she have just sit on my dick?
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>he just thought it was some kind of special effect.
Of course

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hahaha, got any funnier pics, OP?
Retweeting this to my friends haha
This is an epic thread, OP. I am flag you made it, now I can go share it with it with r/anime.

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Why do people like Attack On Titan, it is full clichés and is painfully easy to predict what happens.
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No one actually likes AoT.
anime only fags

How can one MC be so based?
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He was great, I loved him.
I heard Kobayashi started making more school rumble manga. Anyone have anymore detail on this?
S-stop it! You're giving me false hope!

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Hey, nerd.
You have ten seconds to explain why you aren't reading the best delinquent harem manga right now. And five of them already passed.
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I am.

It's great, although the art could use a little work.
>these girls
>this character design
Holy shit, my creepiest nightmare has been adapted into a manga.
I almost dropped it because of the midget but I'm glad I didn't, she turned out okay.

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Gotta say, the author makes top-tier girls at least
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>he can read moonspeak
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Shinka is the most beautiful girl in the world!
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I think Shinka has a crush on me
I want to pin her down and fuck her like a wild animal.
She really is the P.G.O.A.T (Prettiest Girl Of All Time)

In which we recount the number of cities, mansions, castles, dungeons and innocent civilian homes Lina Inverse has personally burnt to the ground.
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I tried getting into Slayers the other day and I just couldn't.
Lina and the story/comedy is great but the art style and Amelia threw me off too much.
How many shows do you have completed?

Pix like dis
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Starry Sky or Robot Heart Update?
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Gay Archers or Unfunny Comedians?
'That guy' said Robot Heart Update is too LN-y and spends the first 30 pages with exposition or something.

I'll go with Starry Sky, if only to see those godly designs animated.
Munto 2017

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