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I was just an ordinary middle school girl, but now I have to join the space police and save the world!?
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Easy. Luluco.
All I want to do it conquer earth, why does this bully in the red mask keep harassing me?!
I tried learning about humans but got bullied by a crazy angel instead!

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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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I dislike it.
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I thought I wanted to do it once.
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But he did it once.

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What is /a/'s opinion on pic related? Btw this is a Kuzu no honkai thread. So if you're not into very complex relationships and mature topics this isn't the place for you. This is a mature thread for mature people and people of intellect.
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I'm so glad the best girl won.
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It's a masterpiece anime hasn't seen in years.
They were making fun of this scene in the last thread, but I think it's actually cute in its own way.

Subs are out. Slut prince is definitely worst boy.
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HE'S 14? Fuck OFF.
He does have the libido of a horny teenager.

Get those sluts away from my sfather

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Can we have a thread on that ?
I just binge read all the english chapters + some vietnamese trad.
This manga is awesome, the art style, the unpredictability, the character development.
I just want to talk about it, what was your favorite fighter, fight, ceo..etc
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Serious question. What the fuck was this guy's problem?
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He made the best out of an objectively pretty bad superpower
Nothing he killed the right people.
Suffering a little from god complex but eh isn't anyone these days.
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He was baited by Light super easily in one of the first episodes. He's a fuckin idiot.

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This is a series for intelligent people.
Dumb normalfags and speedreaders BTFO and got confused even though the manga clearly explains what is happening in detail.
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Annie is love
Annie is life
I just want Annie to smile again
Annie a miracle of the universe
Annie might've done some things wrong, but she's still a beautiful person inside and out
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They thought AoT was a normie anime but they didn't know it was retard filter.

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Hmm. What can possibly happen this week?
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Not a confession, that's for sure.
73: A refrain for two
[Side] They found a hint that's related to Kyouko's model, but......!?
"Found her!"
"She really is your look alike, Kyouko-chan!"
[Bottom] The newest volume 6 is selling really well! No it isn't


"Oh my gooooood"
"This girl doesn't see uussss"

"Eve-chan, go call Tarou-san!!"
"I got it! Huh? But where's Tarou-chan..."
"In the shrine. If you go there..."

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"What's... this?"

"That radiance..."

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Is anyone watching this? If so, where are they getting episodes? HS isn't doing this show.
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scroll down
Thanks, waiting for TL/a/nons to crank it out.
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Based fucking /m/

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Chapter 7 out.

Next chapter will have a color page.
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Which ones gonna end up being better?
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It has already been decided. Hero Academia.
AoT has gone from being a two cour to being a one cour, while Hero has done the opposite, so the answer is simple.
Considering hero academia is just naruto with a lack of interesting side characters and drama, without an single interesting plot element, with below average fight coreography?

titan takes the cake without even trying.

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>[work field] + with little girls
Example: Accounting with little girls
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A full length 2hu, or anything else, manga by Onikobe Rin when?
>Accounting with little girls
Picked up.
Sleeping the whole day with little girls.

True gundam fans have spoken, Iron Blooded Failure is the worst entry in the franchise. Destiny's only problem was some stock footage and typical sequel problems. G-Reco just had some off dialogue and pacing. Age didn't go downhill until Asemu showed up. Try was just a sequel that did not live up to hype. IBO? Did nothing right. Japan gets it. China gets it. Korea gets it. True gundam fans get it. Yet the establishment defends it for no reason.
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IBO is bad but not Destiny bad. I would even say it's mediocre.
Whatever you say, fake gundam fan.
The only reason people think IBO is better than Destiny is because they're literally newfags jumping in on the hype of the latest entry in the series and attempting to fit in by riding the old Destiny hate. I'd wager 80% of IBO fans haven't even seen more than a single episode of Destiny, give how IBO seems to have attracted an absurd amount of normies to the franchise.

Find a single fucking flaw.
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Would mistake your been for a sausage and eat it without hesitation

Fuck off.
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Farts a lot

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Yandere is the worst -dere.
Yanderefags are even lower than tsunderefags.
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I would hate living in fear of my life because of a psycho bitch.
Yandere as a fetish is fine desu. Those doujins get pretty spicy.
Nice political compass

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