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Jap women put their hair through their scarfs in winter
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Meant to be a question instead of a statement
I'm not japanese but I do the same thing.
I'm not Japanese and this seems ridiculous

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So when are we gonna get a full anime adaption of best fate
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Probably never because female main character.

I wish I was joking but so far in all of the Fate/ adaptions where the original work gave you a gender option, they've always gone with the male protagonist. Which is a shame because Grand Order would've been much more entertaining with the female MC.
Isn't Fate/extra getting a female Mc?
It's female and male MCs.

Rin is fucking crying

What the fuck did you do?
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What did YOU do?
Told her to quit pleasing middle age men for money.
I understand what you're saying, but Rin is crying

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Is /a/ too young for Lupin?
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I think the movies from the 90s/00s were mildly popular in the right circles, but it was definitely niche.

I know in Japan it's ubiquitous, everyone knows who Lupin is and live action shows will make offhanded comments about Goemon/etc. Over here it's a little harder to tell.
Here in Italy it's the most popular anime ever. My grandparents are well in their 80s and know who Lupin is.
You would think the West would eat Lupin up but for whatever reason it just never caught on over here in the mainstream. Even when it was airing on Adult Swim many moons ago I don't think it had particularly high ratings.

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Do you guys want to sing something?
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Sing me a lullaby
are we doing another /a/ sings?
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sasuga Onpu chan.webm
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We can do anything! If we do it together!

How should imouto refer to her brother?
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kuzu sukebe hentai echii XD

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>couple episodes later
hack writing 101
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Isayama created a huge setting and then he only showed a tiny part of it from the point of view of the people who live inside the wall, creating a surreal horror story that is eventually revealed to be a lie. Underrated writing

It was literally Claymore 2.0

Is Ryuko a well written character?
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There were points where she went too far into teenage edge, but overall she was a good character. She was confident, but was also able to just cowardly flee a fight if her opponent was too strong. She was very much like a delinquent at the beginning, but could also be very sweet and kind as the series went on. You knew that under her edgy shell there was a normal girl wanting to be loved.
You don't watch Kill la Kill for good writing, you watching it for over the top action and lewd
>You don't watch Kill la Kill for good writing
Why not?

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What the FUCK was this guy's major malfunction?
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Weaponized autism.
He fell for the "Murderers, rapists, terrorists and dictators deserve a fair trial even thought that would give them more rights than their victims" meme.

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What happened to shading? How come anime is so boring to look at now?
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shading was superfluous wasteful nonsense
You are fucking retarded.
Must be working because i don't want to fuck any of the things on the left.

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What am I supposed to do to that belly?
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Is this yuri?

Just 3 days left until animated elf perfection.

How ready are you?
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Does she get ORCED?
Otherwise I'm not interested.
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I'm moderately ready.
She's easily the worst part of Oratoria.

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is science fiction a dead genre?
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It's not as popular as it was years ago tho. Such a shame.
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>science fiction
Pick one. And light SF elements or mecha in space don't count.
urobutcher will save anime scifi

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Hey anyone a fan of Madoka Magica? I think it's pretty good. Nobody I asked that watches anime has seen it. Okay, maybe a few of them. But who do you think is more badass, Homura Akemi, or Mami Tomoe?
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Agreed. I love Homura.
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I am Akemi Homura. Ask me anything.

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A question has been popping up in my mind lately, and I want /a/'s opinion on this.

Why are female MCs always so good, why are male MCs always so boring?

Now I know this is an over-generalization, as there's always going to be outliers, but the question still stands. Why tho? Or am I wrong?
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Normal males can't really fantasize about males. Also, target audience.
Because, as far as male-oriented anime are concerned, male MC are nothing but self-insert devices, while female MC must have at least a little bit of personality to carry the story on, as (most) men don't self-insert as them.
Females are mostly used by female authors which are naturally better writers

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