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literally way better alice.jpg
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Why does a lot of anime do this shit with super high up mouths?

I've noticed this in EVA as well and scenes where they did this turned me off. It makes characters look legit retarded.
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because the original is more anatomically correct than your fix considering how the mouths are usually placed in relation to a nose
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B-But... retarded is cute
>anatomically correct
anime already draws faces way out of proportion, it's better to draw the mouth in line with the out of proportion face than try to make it like where an actual mouth would be

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~Animu power chart.jpg
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It's been a while. Is there a new version of this?

I want to know how the newer /a/ related characters fare in this chart.
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I thought /a/ likes charts
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Since when did Umineko wankers think that shit was above Demonbane? Also last one I remember had Hajun but the positions were all kinds of fucked up.
File: ~mecha power chart.jpg (2MB, 2685x4084px)Image search: [Google]
~mecha power chart.jpg
2MB, 2685x4084px
Well it's too messed up right now. I kinda want to remove /m/ stuff since they already made their own version.

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How does he keep gettin away with this stuff?
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What is this even.
Capture girls, rape them and add to harem: The Manga
>They actually want to be raped by me so its perfectly okay and actually even a really good thing that it happened to them. All the other girls agree and argue so
Jesus christ, the writing in this. I this was a self concious parody and a joke, it could be funny as fuck.
But it isn't.
This shit is literally trying to take and explain fully seriously "why everything I do is a good thing and everyone and everything should be raped by me".
Id read it if it was full on porn, but it isn't, and that disgusts me. Wasted writing and art.

Post some good OPs already, EDs welcome too.

Bure > Rumba > Ringo
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When's LOGH?

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What's your favorite first episode of the season so far?
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Re Creators tbhq
Easily Alice and Zouroku, but Renai Bokun was better than I expected.
Re Creators

It's the only one I've seen

Because /vp/ has an hateboner for this series I thought to make a thread here hoping to see if anyone is interested in discussing this manga.
Most of it can be read here: http://jb2448.info/
In short Pokemon special uses the plot of the games as a starting point for its own plots, but keep the spirit of the world intact. The artstyle changes from the second to the hird generation because of a new artist, but I think it's better this way.
Because the author has to follow the release of new games the pace is a bit all over the place but it's a good shonen and not as hedgy as the memes would make it look.
Currently Black2/White2 and Sun/Moon are still ongoing.
Did you nkew this manga existed?
Do you like it?
Favorite arc? Character? Battle?
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I like it, I remember that I started reading it about 13 years ago. But that was only the Viz-produced volumes so I didn't know anything past RBGY existed until they started publishing the whole series a few years ago.

I had no idea what was the situation with BW2 for a long while so I'm glad they're putting out new chapters again, even though it's been 5 years since the games came out.

I've collected all the VIZ volumes except for BW, XY, and ORAS. Was hoping they'd put out a box set for BW but I guess not. And I'm not a fan of the mini-volumes but if there's no other choice I guess I'll buy them eventually.

RS was my favorite games so that's probably my favorite arc, and Ruby is my favorite character.
>non-drizzle politoed
Why is Gold's team so shitty? He's got one good pokemon and that's it.
I hope that Moon is the "protagonist" of the arc. I like her serious attitude.
Also why does this little shit need all that money for?

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>Anime has such a long name that it exceeds the Windows filename limit and can't be downloaded
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>Anon lives in such a primitive country that all he can afford is a FAT-32 Windows operating system
>tfw had to move my torrents directory to the root of my directory tree because of this.

255 character limit is an asinine thing to leave in a modern OS. Sasuga Microsoft.
never happened with anime but it happens a lot with music cause japs'll use fucking multiple sentences as names

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Translated Summary in next post
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Credit Erinyes (MH):

- Ray noticed that there's no under 4 years there.
- Flashback : Don & Gilda reports that all 5 years and+ are into the plan , Emma asked how to do do to escape with everyone. It was asked if children of others plants will be included.
- Emma asked to bring Phil, she explained him everything.
- Phil was aware of everything (:zomg my cute little baby )
- She asked him what to do whether to escape with everyone or to leave under 4y.
- it's estimated that shipping can be delay up to 2 years even if older are no longer there.
- Phil chose to wait here.
- Emma swore they ll come to free all of them before they ll get shipped.
- So phil brought mama to the forest where all under 4 were safely evacuated.
- She understood that only 5y+ have gone.
- She reported it to the demons.
- Demon say soomething about killing all that are not special (not sure about this part, please wait for a more accurate summary )
File: 1491386193052.png (37KB, 252x251px)Image search: [Google]
37KB, 252x251px
I wonder who is gonna get killed along the way to freedom? Oh and did they already set the other plantations on fire or do they still have to do that?

God I don't want any of the kids to die :'(

File: Kawaii_Hito_v01_c01_005.jpg (394KB, 796x1248px)Image search: [Google]
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Dumping Kawaii Hito (Saito Ken)
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File: Kawaii_Hito_v01_c01_006.png (140KB, 800x1280px)Image search: [Google]
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File: Kawaii_Hito_v01_c01_007.png (126KB, 800x1265px)Image search: [Google]
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If anyone can bump, please do so anytime.
File: Kawaii_Hito_v01_c01_008.png (179KB, 800x1268px)Image search: [Google]
179KB, 800x1268px
Flower shop.

File: 015_1491981218.jpg (391KB, 1127x1600px)Image search: [Google]
391KB, 1127x1600px
The legend continues!
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in the unlikely event that the anime gets additional seasons, would they just merge Fuuka 1.0 and 2.0?
honestly I don't think it will ever get any more additional seasons with how it ended.
File: IMG_1729.png (7KB, 493x402px)Image search: [Google]
7KB, 493x402px
It will take another 100 chapters until they finally fuck won't it?

So you can just hit a teacher lecturing you about something you don't want to hear because it triggers you? I don't know if I'm supposed to sympathize with her because she's an emotional cunt, or because it's her character archetype or what, but she just comes off as a spoiled little bitch. Yeah this guy is annoying, but when someone starts saying something to you, especially someone you paid to mentor you, if you just go and smack them because you can't handle their words you're worse than an immature child. I'm a pretty stubborn, rebellious person myself, but slapping a mentor for disagreeing with your worldview is fucking gay.
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dat uniform tho
I won't lie, if I was a teacher there I wouldn't hesitate to blackmail female students into spending "extra study sessions" with me.
He wasn't doing his job properly and he was bullying the cat, so I see nothing wrong with what she did. Neither of them are really at fault since he was forced to take the job in the first place.

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File: smug lain.png (771KB, 1520x855px)Image search: [Google]
smug lain.png
771KB, 1520x855px
I still need to watch this

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JCs really are the cutest
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They have poor hygiene
File: 1470343472410.jpg (434KB, 1428x1590px)Image search: [Google]
434KB, 1428x1590px
Mah niggah!

JCs are the best!
Which grade is the best?

File: 16 (1).jpg (248KB, 869x1269px)Image search: [Google]
16 (1).jpg
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>Hey kids your gf is gonna be forcefully inseminated by a hot guy via the plans of ugly old men

Nippon's shounen NTR is getting too meta. Not even beating around the bush. If Dragonball was written in 2017 Yamcha would be the protagonist.
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>Under 19 Chapters
The world is not ready for this manga.
Who the hell translated this, this is worse than Google-kun.
They really are trying everything to get the idea of reproduction into young men's minds

File: 1491699250303.jpg (190KB, 724x1023px)Image search: [Google]
190KB, 724x1023px
Given that you can't possibly beat Rin in a fist fight. Can you at least beat her in basketball?
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No but I can rape her
I should warn you that I never lost in HORSE
>loose top
I've already lost, seems like.

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