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What makes Mugi the best Keion?
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Its her soft boneless body and her eyebrows OP however she isn't best Keion Ritsu is
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Gotta go with pic related as an example.

The story is literally about a 10 year- old-looking high school girl and how she fell in love with a male classmate (that looks like he's 7 feet tall and in his thirties) only to be abducted by the Japanese military, enhanced with a bunch of incredible weapons that enable her to fly and drop nukes everywhere, and is just allowed to wander free. Just so they can call her up to bomb faceless enemies in some unexplained war part-time.
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Saikano is a masterpiece.
The Big Order anime absolutely made no sense to me. Maybe I'm not getting it, but fucking hell I was lost from episode 2 to finish and it left a bad taste.

When will Ojisan spank Sana?
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When will Sanae spank Sana?
For some reason she reminds me of Yukari.
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>Literal yuri piggus

How does this stand up to other cgdct anime?
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It is definitely above average. A solid 7/10. I would love a second season though it won't happen.
The fact they go to an all girls school and aren't gay is a refreshing change to see.
It's a solid 3/10.

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Will he ever fuck his dragon?
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Its crazy how badly the angel has been Sidelined. It sure seemed like she'd be the main girl since she was the one who was with him before everything started. Pretty clear dragon is end game at this point.
She's like the one going for it.
>will he ever fuck

What do you honestly think?

May I kick you?
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You don't need to ask, Ume-sama.
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Can you?
You can try.

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The western world hates ani-
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Casuals will always like casual anime.
>Casuals will always like casual anime.
Miyazaki works are mostly ten times more casual than Your Name
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>Shinkai's worst movie
>best rated anime movie ever
Imagine if these people had seen 5 cm per second all those years ago, Kimi no Nawa would've won like 5 oscars by now.

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Tell me about Lelouch. Why does he wear the mask?
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Kuso thread, post CC
>posting girls in an anime filled with handsome boys
I'm absolutely disgusted, anon.
Because the lie was stronger than ever could be.

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>Open your eyes
>See this

Are you fucked or blessed?

I'll begin:
I'm blessed
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Blessed, even if i'll probably get killed during the first hunt/mission
Should I read gantz? Watched the anime but it was bad desu

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Wow that's gotta be some of the shittiest taste I've EVER seen
Would you rather want
>slice of life
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Only if it's set in college and drawn by a porn artist

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Why don't more sci-fi anime explore the depths of space like Space Battleship Yamato and Gunbuster do?
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Because high school students in space doesn't make much sense.
Because it's pretty boring.
Yep, parsecs upon parsecs of desolate wastespace.

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Why is Zeta Gundam so loved? What makes many people think it's the best thing ever?
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everyone agrees it's shit you fucking idiot
No we don't faggot, some say it's shit others say it's amazing
The powerful character drama, the artstyle that was ahead of its time and the great fights. That's why I like it, at least, but I do think that it's not as good as the original.

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first episode and make me happy
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What's her problem?
No. Literally no one is watching it, especially not the other anon that post that thread of Sagiri with "Kawaii" underneath on the front page.

Get your shit together, OP!
>Oreimo clone that looks way more shitty.
Dropped after episode 1.

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Joey not being allowed to win against Marik or Ash losing the Kalos league?

Which one gave you more butthurt?
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He's not the protagonist... if that isn't obvious enough there's that emotional moment when other Yugi commits to attack him after he requests knowing he's sending him to lose but does so out of respect for his growth and self reliance as a duelist in that arc and also to avenge Mai.
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Almost dropped after pic related
Go back to >>>/v/ where your garbage actually belongs

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Shit son, get it right
Was the dark humour planned?
UC is a fucking shithole
why would anyone ever want to join the army if you'll just get betrayed by the higher ups or killed by some sekrit super weapon of the enemy

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