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>ywn help Akko remove the capitalist Luna Nova scum from office and return magic rights to the working class

feels bad
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>Remove Burgers

But I like Burgs
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Get out of here, capitalist!

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I'm pretty sure a comet the size of an entire town would destroy all of Japan.
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Depends on what the comet is made of.
If it's made of shrimps, it would be no problem.
Comet the size of a mountain could easily devastate most of Earth.
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Further strengthening my point

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Come and get it!
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Thread Theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l6DOGITIfAY

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How does this make you feel?
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Up until the destruction of the Nautilus it was pretty good.
I don't really care it's not even canon and it's just a tv show
>it's not even canon
Says who?

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How does one go back to watching seasonal late night gutter trash anime after watching this masterpiece?
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A thread died for this.
you watch your name again!
But it wasn't even that good

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>still watching yu-gi-oh, digimon or pokemon
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thanks for starting the thread with best ship
It's fun
I really need to catch up in SM
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I can't get into it myself, find the voice acting too grating, but I love the battle scenes. Are the battles good in S/M?

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Who is the female character most worthy of being called 'madwoman' in all of anime/manga?
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I assume you don't mean to bother posting Revy because she's just some random dumb broken bitch who gets blown along by the winds of time instead of being the originator of great madness itself.
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Samidare is a good contender
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So was the moral of the story that you just need to be handsome like Hikigaya and you can be as autistic as you want?

The events of the series literally all unfold because his female teacher found him attractive, developed a favoritism for him, and forced him to join a club for his benefit.
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He gets fed up of being an autist halfway through but otherwise yeah you're moreorless correct.
You will never obtain GENUINE if you act like a stuck up bitch, everyone has problems.
Moral of the story is that it only happens in fiction.

Does anyone even read this?
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I'll hazard a guess and say no.
Well, it is still in print.
I do.

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are english scans of this book out?
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Meh. Maybe next month if there is enough demand.
Just buy it.
Fuck off fatetards

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Where were you when Mary AKA: Best girl died?

Vol 10 was released a few weeks ago.
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Does anyone still care about Grimgar?
Anyways, posting spoilers from vol 10:

The last chapter of this volume is basically a huge fight where Haru get his ass kicked, plus his edgelord current mentality kicks again.
Meanwhile Mary was fighting and just after 2 attacks she gets her ass kicked, Haru finally can get his ass up and run to fight again against the objective this time but find Mary agonizing.
Then this shit happens

>Mary?! what should I do??!
>Mary was trying to say something so haru gets closer to Mary's lips
>Mary? what did you say?
>Yes, what?!
>Haru... I am...
>I something about me?!? what happens Mary?!?!

Then Haru looked to Mary's face asking why she was smiling, she was in pain, she was scared and he still asked why she was smiling.
>Best girl

No, good riddance.
Underrated series.
It's one of the reasons why I'm learning Japanese.

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Keijo is the best anime of 2017
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Well, I can not but agree with you.
Perhaps the reason is that, imho, the level of the "autumn/winter 2016/2017" anime was very poor,
and I have to say that Keijo is one of the few, if not the only one, which I enjoyed
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it didn't air in 2017

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If Kirino is so shit, why did she win Oreimo?
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Because all the shit girls win harems.
Because he said that the other girls were too good for him
I thought it was confusing and disappointing that he didn't get with Kuroneko chan

you have been choosed to create an anime set in the universe of Warhammer 40k
1-What is the genre of the anime (SoL, Shonen, Seinen)
2-who will be the protagonist ?
3-where does it take place and what happens ?
4-what Studio does the animation ?
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I'd adapt Caphias Cain, but make everyone a cute girl.
even Jurgen ?
Especially Jurgen.

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>Mikako finally went of the deep end

This shit just keeps getting better
anime when?
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Is she holding a transparent tissue box or some shit?

wasn't this manga about traps?

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