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Will you miss them?
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I already do
i need a montage of kanna eating things and being comfy and happy

How does she know that she has the ability to reset time, if she can't remember it?
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I wish I could reset time so I wouldn't remember this terrible anime.
>everything is reverted
>but it's not going back in time
I don't understand.
She tried to reset and couldn't when she saw the crying girl.

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What exactly did Yugi like so much about Tea?
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She was a girl.
And she talked to him.
It sounds like me every time i fall in love, lmao
>She was a girl.
>And she talked to him.

Sing me a song /a/
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You might know this one.

Post your one true waifu and tell us a little bit about her.

I'll start:
+ fucks shit up
+ very low maintenance
+ can operate operationally, easily handles stress
+ can hunt and butcher her own food
+ gee, Kino, how come your mum lets you carry TWO handguns?
+ has a sweet bike
+ proficient with all sorts of tools, knives, firearms, traps and gadgets, as well as repairs
+ peaceful and diplomatic, but will and had busted caps in fools when absolutely necessary

+/- dresses up with function in mind instead of form
+/- no marriage and no kids
+/- curves nowhere to be seen
+/- looks like a 13 year old boy
+/- stoic and honest to a fault

- most likely has mild schizophrenia, and maybe PTSD
- talks to her bike, will always choose the bike over you
- ideological hobo, absolutely no settling down
- a little too in touch with nature
- not into physical contact or overt affection
- covered in knives, guns, munitions, provisions and other shit, might as well be hugging a pile of scrap
- will leave without a second thought if you can't keep up with the lifestyle
- carries hipster shit like .44 Colt Navy, .22LR third series match Woodsman and a TACTICOOL Arisaka/M21 EBR hybrid monstrosity
- often gets philosophical
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Just look at this treasure
for the past 5 years I had a tsundere waifu, now I am ready to move on to a gentle caring one. I think I am growing up.
at least give names, come on

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I miss when people actually fansubbed things. I download HS for almost everything how because even when people do sub them, it's ridiculously slow (example: FFF).

Once upon a time shows had multiple subgroups fighting over them.
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Learn Japanese.
That's fine. No fansubs means no e-drama (or at least far less of it). It's a price I'm willing to pay (and I'm just an internet pirate paying nothing to watch all the shows anyway).

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sukeroku and kiku.png
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Here's a question, why was this animated?

Yes it's a beautiful masterwork of craft and skill, but in what way did the medium help the storytelling? Everything could have been acted out instead and shot live action.

Try to answer something other than just "2D>3D"
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>it's a beautiful masterwork of craft and skill
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Here's a better question:

Why not?
What did the medium of animation add to Rakugo?

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The raw of chapter 34 is out.
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She got btfo pretty hard there on pages 35 and 36.
I think somebody needs to dump the chapter
I bet the dude turns out to be a chick. Also next time a diving chapter, weird.

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Well shit /a/, this show was memed so hard I had to check it out for my self and I was pleasantly surprised, both are solid shows, now I feel like talking about and see if my personal opinions line up with the fandom:
1) story Wise:index>railgun
2) character wise: railgun > index
3) accelerator is the best character,
5) tsuchimikado, second best
6) all misakas are best girls
7) the chick with the glasses is worse Girl
8) some of the arcs felt out of place in index, and some of the arcs in railgun felt like filler.
9) the science arcs were waaay better than the magic ones

Also I hate when Toma gives speeches
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Then watch something else.
>the chick with the glasses is worse Girl
Homosexual pleb detected.
Really I mean I get that she has big bewbs, but her whole deal was that she's immortal and that she should die

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Does anyone else hate how Mary Sueish the Jojo's can seem sometimes
>Always somehow become wealthy
>They're all supposed to be super attractive
>They usually have some asspull or super op type bullshit move
>They're almost super genius tier with the bullshit they think up on the fly

Like what the fuck? What's some delinquent girl in highschool going to know about an object with no iside or out?
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Those things have nothing to do with being a mary sue.
MCs for fujo shows are usually like that.
File: 1488785403752.jpg (699KB, 1968x2540px)Image search: [Google]
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Johnny is an exception. His whole theme is character growth, and even if he never reaches what he wanted he is happy with what he got. He can only use his bullshit op move in a very specific circumstance, other than that he is a crippled murderous sociopath dickhead that dosnt even win the race or get the corpse. He sets out on his journey with very selfish goals and walks out of it all with the humble yield of his fathers approval and a hot japanese wife

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>three images that have nothing in common

what did he mean by that?
They're all depictions of Oda Nobunaga.
It's fun.

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And third chapter this week.

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File: img000004.png (599KB, 1238x2000px)Image search: [Google]
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Decent encode when? BD when? Reboot when?
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Ending when?
what are the realistic chances of a remake?
Why? Anno won't direct it and he was the only reason why the show was good. Also the manga went full retarded after the anime

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Jojo English translations.png
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Why do the French get so many series most American fans have never even heard of?
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because the french have a large domestic comic industry that isn't just piles of capeshit
The American market has diversified in recent years though.
American comics are either capeshit or pretentious hipster pomo shit.

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You wouldn't a zombie
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You're right I wouldn't
Well, shes stronger now and can probably wreck my dick.

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