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>Utena, Berserk, NGE: EoE, Pokemon
Why was that year so based?
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Fine, I'll take the bait.
Oh and by getting on topic, 2007 happens to be one of the greatest years as well, but for some reason 2017 isn't.
2017 is pretty shit so far.

How the fuck did Shiro win if her King was in checkmate?
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Schneizel making an illegal move?
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Magic chess.

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Come on, It's Monday again.
Time to sweeten the pill with some eternal values.
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I miss my animated Tawawas
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This show should have a second season, so much stuff left to animate.
I hate needle shots

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ITT: We post best boys of their respective series
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Boys? What's that? I only know grils
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leskinen meme.png
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>gits 2017 = sonic OC's

>tracing directly from the original, but all the added ideas are generally bad
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At least it got rid of that shitty, pseudo-intellectual monologue from the boat scene.
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/a/ /m/ /tv/ on suicide watch
>implying GITS '17 has anything even close to as quotable as "nothin personnel"
it's worse

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Remember this?
Apparently most of the spoilers were wrong. The true spoiler is this
Yes the student council girl and the tennis girl like Sun, but they start liking MC after the truth about Sun has been revealed.

MC told his harem that he chooses everybody. He outright tells them he won't be satisfied with one and that even though polygamous marriage isn't allowed, there's no rule against having multiple girlfriends.
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Just read this.
I swear I suggested something like this in a "Share your ideas for an anime" thread here a few years ago minus the cucking part.
>starts with an interesting and original premise
>ends up going the same shitty route as literally every other romcom ever
What a shame.
No literal unapologetic spoilers

Sun likes glasses girl.
Glasses girl likes MC.
MC might not actually like anyone, though there are a few moments where he does get flustered by Pres and Tennis, but also for Glasses.
There is no bullying.

Basically the story just jingles around with "how much of a nice guy is Sun", and "how much of an ass is MC really" and "how much do any of the characters even really know about each other.

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Please describe in detail what you would do to this girl.
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best imouto

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>Inferno Cop saved anime
>Kill la Kill saved anime
>Inou Battle saved anime
>Hacka Doll saved anime
>Ninja Slayer saved anime
>Kiznaiver saved anime
>Space Patrol Luluco saved anime
>Sex and Violence with Machspeed saved anime
>Little Witch Academia saved anime
how does trigger keep doing it, /a/?
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ur mum saved anime
Right in your face, Kyoanifags.
I think you meant to say INFERNO CAPPU! And it's because they now how to write well and get a genuine laugh out of people

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Best anime of the season, coming through
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>you will never be a japanese highschool boy
>Sent from LINE™
I sure do love communicating with my fellow peers through LINE!

Is dead tube the pinnacle of edgy manga?
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i wish i was that guy
Is that supposed to be a punishment?
the best love story ever written

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Honestly, I'm at a lost for words, what did she mean by this?

Was it like tutoring her?
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Walking her home gently.
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It is just to excite the retards. There is no such an implication in LN
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I love how virgins get all worked up over this line.

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You're now remembering Charlotte.
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No I'm not.
I'd rather not.
Charlotte was pretty damn good before the story stuff at the end.
Even then the story stuff at the end wasn't really terrible it was just kinda cringy and amateurish.

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What does /a/ think of Miss Black General?
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10 on 10

Would gently molest.
It's fun. Just like any other work from the author, at least for me.

My fucking sides, j-list. Don't even leave us again.
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Not going to take my adblock off ayylmao.

And I'm on Ubuntu MATE.
>Weeb bait
>Nazi imagery

Now I'm sure that I will never turn off Ublock.
Kek I just realized it

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Chuunibyou is the greatest anime ever made, try to prove me wrong
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stfuchu2 dickrider
Watching S2 was like trying to squeeze out a fart only to shit your pants.
so I should watch it

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