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>folded over 1k times
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>OP gif is no longer guaranteed replies
Neo-/a/ is so strange
Fantasy katana is not made from shitty material so it makes sense.
Imagine a modern katana made from high quality stuff.

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Could we, with our actual technology survive a BETA invasion without recurring to impracticable TFS?
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This belongs on /m/ /m/ate.
Underrated post.
Only by nuking their hives when they land or ideally before. We might lose lot of territory but we'd be mostly okay.

Otherwise it'd be a very long and incertain battle as most of our technology isn't designed for BETA battles. Fuck laser classes.
>Could we, with our actual technology survive a BETA invasion without recurring to impracticable TFS?
Probably not. But more importantly, if they are suppose to be mining machines, isn't it possible to trace them back to their masters?

I know that the franchise basically have no intention for the Betas to be defeated. That this is basically Sci-Fi zombie apocalypse. But I still am always wondering why no real attempts were made to track down the source.

>Akiba’s Trip v1 sells 263 BDs, DVDs do not rank.
What went so wrong?
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They need to sell it to gaijins. The games sold more in the west than they did in japan. Also making Akiba's Beat and the anime wasn't a good decision. Feels like the franchise was just used to promote new Earphones songs.
It had so little to do with the actual Akiba's Trip.
>What went so wrong?

Having a white girl as a main character who is so OP and stupid is a big reason.

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even fucking kanna was cuter than this
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Obviously, since she's the cutest.

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Tomorrow a new VRAINS character will get revealed in LABO along with more information about the use of Speed Duels in VRAINS.
And more Duel Links shilling of course Where is the hype?
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why no Hot blonde for heroine?
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fuck yeah drawfag here, taking requests
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I'd like one Chaos Goddess, please!

What's your favourite type of cute girls anime?
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Is this for real? Actual OC on /a/?
This was obviously reddit or some other site's OC,
Look at how awful the images of the shows are. All the white clips in with the beige background making half of them look empty. /a/ OC would have actual attention to detail put into it, with less shit taste.
I fucking hate moe and those who identify as "otaku" deeply disgust me

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>If it's popular then it must be bad
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Not really. Vagabond is popular, yet it's not bad. Meanwhile AoT and BnHA are plain garbage now.
You should know one main rule on /a/. That is that /a/ only ever talks about bad anime or the sometimes amazing anime.
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There have been plenty of series which /a/ has enjoyed at the height of popularity, but you know what /a/ always thinks is bad? When a series is popular enough to attract crossboarders, shitposters, and waifufags that shit up generals constantly or start fanbase wars.

What would have happened if Mami didn't die?
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Absolutely nothing. Homura went through 20 years of various kinds of iterations where all kinds of stuff happened but with the same ending.

We're already shown the range of outcomes for Mami via episode 10. Best-case scenario, she dies fighting Waluigi night. Worst-case scenario, she finds out the truth and fucking loses it.

I still remember when the series was airing from episodes 4 through 9 people would post "if only Mami were here," then episode 10 happened and it changed to "okay maybe it's better that she dies when she did."
The same things probably. Sayaka still turned into a witch in the timeline she survives, so she's not very influential it seems.

How come this sold badly?
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Normie plotfags have taken over and ousted the cool people who just want to fawn over cute girls in peace.
Probably because 90% of the show wasn't about the two lolis that you fags keep circlejerking about and was also insipid as fuck.
did it sell badly?

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>you will never live in biyoriville with the non nons
How does it feel?
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>you will never get a blowjob from Renge-chon
How does this one feel?
It feels good.
I wouldn't wish country life upon my worst enemy.
They don't have internet over there and I would miss you guys too much.

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Why aren't you watching chinese cartoons /a/
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because chinese is the ugliest sounding language in the world
That's probably not true. It's just that Chinese people are so crass that we think the language is like them.
Them being crass has nothing to do with the amount of sh sounds in their words

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Am I the only one waiting to watch this? It will air in less than 1 hour
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I'm most looking forward to seeing their performances so that won't be for awhile
I read the review from those who watched 1st ep at Anime Boston, ep 1 was really intense
Was about to pick up previously but I read that it turned shit later on because relationship drama or something.

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Is Mayaka a well-written character?
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No, she is awful.
In Hyouka, even the tiniest offscreen bug is a well written character.
She's probably the most well written female lead of the past 2 years

What's her appeal?
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Pic related
Redhead tsundere man. That's like, the most original shit ever conceived, you can't understand nigga

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Is it even possible for anime to ever become mainstream outside of japan?
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No and that's good. Everything that tries to appeal to the broad masses for quick cash turns to shit.
>inb4 muh secrit club
It already is.
Ask spics.

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