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This is my wife, Hotaru
Actually that's Sugoielia's wife.
What is your wife doing inside a sewage pipe?

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Just finished watching this, why do so many people like it? It was pure garbage from start to end and nothing made sense. Why was the MC alive and then dead again in the epilogue?
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you have shit taste thats why
When OP can't put together information in his/her head so they get confused and angry when the plot isn't spoon-fed.
You're supposed emphasise with their shitty experiences/get attached to them due to their FUN adventures or their romance and then get upset when they all die in the end. IN the epilogue it turns out they just got reincarnated

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Pretty refreshing. I still remember the rape and yandere.
my memory of this is sadly fading so it will need to find it's way onto my backlog on later date.

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So with the current arc do you think this is the end for Super?

I don't see any way for them to continue other than fighting the Gods of destruction and then after that who knows?

I'd like to see them do some wacky shit like an OVA of Heroes so we can see silly match ups or potentially a XV spinoff too
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This is only the beginning. They Introduced several other universes with stronger beings for a reason. I can see Super lasting for another 5 arcs at least
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I hope so, I do wanna see wacky shit like Pic related though
>Tournament of Power
>Universe 7 wins
>Allowed to make a wish with the Super Dragon Balls
>Wish back all the universes Zeno destroyed
>There's 18 universes again

That's probably gonna be a thing

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I want to believe
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I want to fuck that clock.
What's the point? It won't be about Kurumi anyway.
[x] Touch Tohka's tohkas

Why are JCs so great?
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What's a JC?
Maybe is some pedophile codeword shit.

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I didn't expect this to be as engaging as it is. I'm glad it's been doing well in the rankings lately.
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I hope they do have a long term plan for this. Up to now, it's clear all the story was planned beforehand, so they could inject random clues here and there.
The most important is what would happen after the children's escape. Will the author be able to keep the quality of the story?
Part of me genuinely wonders what it would have been like if it were a bottom-ranking 13-chapter failure. Probably no ditches around the walls.

Have you prayed to him today, /a/?
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Honestly, I'd worship Miyuki before I worshiped Onii-sama.
will we ever get another season?
Only a movie.

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Do Americans watch anime for scenes like this?
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Stop being racist
You've got a lot of nerve after bombing my homeland
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You got a lot of nerve there Japan

Broadcast order or chronological order?
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Broadcast order for your first watch, it was intended. Afterwards do what you want.
Read the fucking novel, there's nothing to see in thy animu.
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Put Endless Eight on repeat for 8 years and don't listen to >>155699633

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Can she beat Saitama?
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>gook shit
Fuck off
What is this from?
Is there anything the gook doesn't ripoff from manga?

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Who would win?
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Saten easily.
>punches 3 times really hard
>destroys the universe
>teleports to another realm or another universe
Not even STTGL could beat Goku at this point.
One hit should be enough since he became much stronger than SSG and one dragonball universe is 2.5 times bigger than our real universe.

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A or B?
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I just can't choose. Both are great.
I would never strike a lady. She should hit me instead.
A is the outside. B is the inside.

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Came to watch Code Geass for Kallen.
Stayed for Kaguya.
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Kaguya's pretty great, and the sevond best black knight according to Zero
In R3 she's gonna be a knightmare pilot and hopefully get some fanservice
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Came for Kallen
Stayed for CC

Oh, nevermind. I already know.
CC feels much more like plot device than actual character.

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Did /a/ enjoy westernized echikino?
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You'd know the answer if you weren't new.

But why?
Because it's boring pandering shit.

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