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where are the keijofags?
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we're all dead
They don't exist
that was a very dumb and horrible show and you know it
The absurdity could only go on for so long

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Anime is fun.
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oh god, I would slam my dick into ruru so hard
>when an onahole is the best character in the show
Hell yeah, dude

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So, what did /a/ think about this series?
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Best battle shounen in history
One question still haunts me to this day:

Hiei had white streaks or is it just the highlight in his hair?
Generic shonen. Dropped it.

never forget Satania
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I will never forget best girl.

Also Gabu a shit.
Already forgot.
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Be honest, /a/: How many of you enjoyed this from beginning to end? How many of you are enjoying the new arc with Boruto being aired/milked right now?

Now that the anime is over, you can watch NarutoKai with all the bullshit removed if you never jumped on the bandwagon or were afraid of the filler, so there's literally no eexcuse
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its fucking pleb shit no stakes gary stu shit
Honestly: what makes it pleb shit?

If you remove the filler shit and ignore the fact it has autistic weeb fanbase, it's still a pretty enjoyable series and its cool to see a fucking loser like Naruto turn into basically ninja god.

It went extremely bad at the kage summit. Them revealing that ninja powers come from moon beings from another dimension is a cherry on top. The series suffered from a massive power creep that went way too fast and due to poor fight choreography, did not handle itself well as DBZ did. At least DBZ fights were entertaining and well put together.


oh wow, boring

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Jesus, Nakano is starting to come off as a huge bitch. It's one thing to shoot the guy down whenever he thinks of something lewd, but something as mundane as walking home together?

When is this shitty thought police joke going to end?

At this point I'm only reading this for Crossaint. Only good recurring character in this series.
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Have you had any friends? She's going home with corssiant cause she felt lonely
All of her actions have been influenced by Toda more than Croissant. Otherwise she would have gone to the festival with her the first time she asked.
She picked the lonely friend over the horny love interest. Bros before hos.

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>sansha sanyou is now a year old

I miss futaba
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The worst Kirara to ever grace the anime world. Let it be forgotten forever.
>unhappy thread got tons of replies
>sansha thread is dead
Some things never change.
This show was really bland.

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Post perfection
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I'm sakamoto.jpg
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How do you respond?
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[x] Surprise princess carry and take her upstairs
not fuck off
[ ] No
[ ] Yes
[x] That's not how fans work
[x] Necromancers don't wear plate armor

Where the fuck is my best girl Eu? Season 3 never.

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Just got around to watching Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress
>inb4 slopoke.jpg
I'm not 100% on what this guy's motivation was.

Was it really just that he wanted to fuck up his dad's shit, the rest of humanity be damned? Or is there something else I'm missing?
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This is what I got out of it.
What a boring, one dimensional character then.
everyone called this serie shit after he was introduced

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ITT: animes that make you want to kill yourself
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Because of how bad they are?
The fucking plural is anime. Ironic shitposting is just shitposting.
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What did she mean by this
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She needed Shinji to get in the Robot so her getting shit wouldn't be pointless
It's questionable whether she really desired to fuck him or if this was just her way of motivating him to get in the Eva. She may have motivated him to meet her to come to Nerv in the beginning by enticing him with a sexy photo (although she did say "I thought you'd be cuter in person", so she may have been getting ideas like that already).

People point to that scene where she puts her hand on his and says "I'm here for you" as evidence she's sexually attracted to Shinji, but I can't shake the feeling that she was just being "motherly" to him because they both just saw Rei die.
Wait a minute, I don't remember bottom scene.

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I am watching episode 17, when does this series start to get fun, so far it has been pretty meh

Also, how the fuck could Joseph learn Hamon? There was no one to teach him.
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If it hasn't been fun for you up till this point, then it's not gonna be ever. Simple as that. Just drop it.
>not liking Battle Tendency

Confirmed for worst taste.
>how the fuck could Joseph learn Hamon? There was no one to teach him.

You don't think he learned some lessons while he was still in Europe with Straizo or Ton Petti?

How do you think he knew Straizo by name?

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Ohayou /a/!
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Fall off a bridge
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Dragon cloaca

Basara links at >>>/co/91415040

Maybe Haruhi next.
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Thank you. I remember some of the later scanlations weren't good quality.
Nice now I can read some of Tamu's comments that didn't get translated in the scanlations.

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