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Was Nisekoi the greatest love story of our time?
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To Love Ru was
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fuck them all

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im retarded. is lotgh watchable for people who arent smart
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It's not an overtly complicated show, like 95% of events/views are explained or narrated. Having the absolute bare minimum knowledge in politics or Napoleonic tactics does make the show more enjoyable though.
It was made for people who aren't smart
This comment is unnecessarily rude.

Guide's back up: buyfags.moe
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Comes with the blanket and pencil mat, both still packaged. Discount if you mention you're from /a/
Lots of prize figures up on the front page.

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$1.6 Million in 303 theaters. Anyone in the US catch this movie this weekend?
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In Canada, just got back from seeing it.

It was good
It was good, I watched it.
It was watched, I good it

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i haven't read the manga but season 2 of the anime is pretty good. haven't seen naidame either.
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Avoid Nidaime
Favorite series of mine. Also, Madarame is best waifu.
Eh, Nidaime is pretty fun. It's a madarame coping with girl outside saki (forgot her name) and focus on different group of otaku namely the fujoshi group.

But some people adverse to it as it focus on girl otaku with their yaoi.
Something that fortunately i'm a bit immune as my old circle have several fujoshi+fudanshi and we love to mock each other fetishes.

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reddit haibane reki.jpg
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His style and vision is unique. I've finished Lain and on Haibane Renmei episode four, this man's a genius.
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>tfw Despera will never come
>His style and vision is unique.

HR was aired almost 15 years ago, nowadays he draws just some KanColle art from time to time.
What is Despera about? I've only known it as something that I want for several years

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>there was no re zero episode today
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Where are the haters today?!
Enjoying better stuff

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Is Evangelion the only anime that portrays the japanese military in a negative light? I can't think of any other examples
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But Nerv are the bad guys.
But they literally went "nothing personal kid" on a kid and were about to blow his brains

Not to mention burning people alive for no reason

Also SEELE are the bad guys
the GITS military is exactly all sunshine and lolis

Late to the party, but what did you guys think of S2? I thought it was pretty underwhelming sequel in the end because of the lack of closure and omitted performance at the Nationals. Mizore's arc made up for it a little though.
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I thought it had a great start, then it became a little boring but the Asuka arc and the end were great. Still a solid series and one of the best kyoani to date.
It was shit, just like the first season.
Kill yourself, cancer.

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Hey, Anon, want to come to my home?
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Is it still ohga arc?
Yes, it never ends
How did their triple date go?

Happy birthday Cocoa!

Gochiusa thread
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>nobody came to say happy birthday to Cocoa
So meta.
I want to give her a birthday rape!
Birthday rape is the best kind

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>Mou ikkai~
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I wan't my season 2! I need more Azuki!
rape azusa
fuck tsukiko
kill iron king
>mou ikkai

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Was he the ultimate trap?
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no dick no trap
It's not a trap if it's a girl.

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Hey there
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armpit thread!
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Post Purest girls in their series!
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