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>character is called a pervert over a misunderstanding
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>character gets beat up over a misunderstanding
these characters are the true perverts
I never understand why this gag triggers people so much.


Fuck off. You shits are as bad as feminists.

Gags are meant to be funny, this is just lazy and clihcé.

Japs are almost as unfunny as Germans.

What is Ed going to do with his life now that his alchemy is gone? It's not like he can do research or teach anyone else effectively with it absent. Is he just going to sit at home and write textbooks and shit until he dies?
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Sire an entire city's worth of manlets with Winry.
Ed isn't a manlet anymore
It states very clearly that he and Al are going to travel around the world to learn and spread medical alchemical knowledge.

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I want to discuss plotholes in the Dragon Ball series and potential answers/solutions. I bet there are a ton of them. There are two that I can think of right off the bat:

1- If Goku retained his power-up from Super Saiyan God, then what was the point of attaining that form once again during his fight with Hit in the manga?

2- If Whis's time redo does not create an alternate timeline, then why did it do just that when Beerus killed Zamas? The only thing I can think of was that his future version as Black was already existing and time-space-whatever decided to stay in tact. Still, that was supposed to be one of the pros to him wearing the ring- to protect him from being erased.
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>man made aircraft would just pass through Kami's lookout
What happened to that bunny gang Goku sent to the moon with his staff?

I haven't really been keeping up with much anime lately and since summer is around the corner, and I thought I might just watch one that seems to be the GOD OF ALL ANIME.

>As i have been told it is.

I've never actually watched the anime, iv'e seen the memes of the pro-tag and how he's basically a wuss, and lots and lots of hentai to get the basic gist of whats going on,


I like my main characters like iI like my coffee: Hits me like a goddamn truck, Shinji grow though out, is he ever gonna start a relationship with those 3 girls, will he learn the importance of friendship? WILL HE GET IN THE ROBOT?

>Answer me this /a/
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Just watch at least that you understand what people are talking about/understand references
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You probably could have finished the first episode in the time it took you to make this post
Dude, don't forget you are here forever.

Why not watch something that has a thread about it almost 24/7 so you understand what we are shitposting about?

It is shit. Anno is a hack.

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Do you have a guilty pleasure /a/? For me it's Inuyasha.
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I tell my friends I watch Berserk and Hellsing and other edge anime. I secretly love meotrash more than anything.
Most seasonal anime
The moon phase manga. I know its mediocre, but I still love it. Too bad it will never be fully translated.

>8 pages
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time delays caught up im guessing or all of it wasnt uploaded
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At least we can all agree that Gosho is best right?

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is this the magnum opus of anime?
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Not even the best anime of the 90s.
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this is

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Ore No High School RomCom Where All The Girls Want My D And My Imouto Is Now My Kanojo?!
I woke up in another world and now I'm a kobold farmer?!
My life was worthless before but now all of a sudden I have a purpose and all the girls I meet want to sleep with me and also magic is real?!

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>your favourite anime will never reach up to 6 seasons and counting

how does it feel /a/?
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I think it could catch up with the manga's ending with just one more season so that's fine.
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> 6 seasons of nothing happening

oh boy my excitement has become unleashed

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>Forgot to use
>had tow arcs focused on him
Pic not related.
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>mc cringe
>Heroine Bi***ch
Takayanagi and Maya,They saved the manga

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When will Trigger show us the true endgame pairing?

Akko can have Andrew or Diana and Lotte can have Frank, let Sucy have the best and purest girl.
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quads confirm Sucy/Boris for best ship
Fuck off
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What does /a/ think of science husbando?
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Jiggle star best weapon.
>Best weapon
Best waifu
Cool character at the outset but loses everything that made him interesting by the second half of the show. Seriously, he just sits around angsting about being "le crazy", he was best when he was over-the-top and fun and didn't take himself too seriously.

Really wasted potential.

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Best girl
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Both wrong, Tapris is the best girl.
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Momma bear is here children

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What is he looking at?
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Akio's erect brown phallus.

Is it good? also hatchin is qt
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Yes Jambo.
the ending was fucking retarded. dumb bitch goes to jail for crime she didn't do meanwhile hatchin gets knocked up.
The ending is painful but it makes sure you don't romantacize their story but now you've been given the heads up you will notice that all of the characters you meet along the way have a similar story arc.

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