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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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i've been on /a/ since mid-TTGL and I still have no idea what this is and why
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Keep it up
But do you like it yet?

Wake up. Previews out.

>After waking up in Rita's clinic, Nina resumes to working hard in the Capital. Scheming to use the power of the red dragon to exact revenge on the humans, Azazel attempts to get close to her. However...
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>Interview says Charioce is 26
Dayum no-one Nina likes is less than a decade older.

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Are the HxH movies any good?
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It's a movie. So it will have a budget but no script.
I've only seen last mission which was a cookie cutter shounen movie it was alright.
The other one I'm not to sure about the ending but it included an adaptation of Kurapika's back story from that one-shot and I believe the villain was connected to the troupe some how I didn't finish it but it sounded more interesting on paper.
I guarantee you they both are nice to look though the fuck do you have to lose.

So this guy just destroyed Roa before he became Ciel in Fate.
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damn nagito
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Can anyone stop this madman?

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>S3 never
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>tfw it's actually official
It hurts to live.
Did previous seasons flop or is something else the matter?
>tfw no more animated Futayo
Sunrise doesn't care about anything other than gundam.
They would throw any series in the garbage.

Wait, this is 18-rated? Is incest really that big a deal?
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>Sexual violence references
Oreimo is too mature for the common folk.

You really thought a Muslim country would be lenient on degenerate Chinese cartoons?

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I watched the first episode of this and read the first few chapter but she seemed like an obnoxious cunt. Glad she got trucked, desu.
She didn't in the anime
Who is Seo's best girl of all time?

Ryuko Matoi is superior to Satsuki Kiryuin.
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Yeah, and?

Nonon is superior to all of the girls.
Nonon is for retarded children. Get some taste, worm.

Have fun hearing "NANI SORE" every time you wake up.
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Stronger =/= Superior

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I tried watching sailor moon once, and it was probably the worst, and most unwatchable trash I'd ever seen before.

Does anyone on /a/ actually like this anime?

The intro was 6/10 but the show was -1/10 like I couldn't even try to make myself like it, you know when something is so bad that it's good, this was so bad that it was bad. It was just pure, unadulterated bad. Did anyone else notice this? I couldn't even force myself to watch it, not only that, but the english dub sounds like a fandub.

I'm serious btw. What are your thoughts?
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SM is great, especially when Ikuni takes over.
I just literally couldn't even bare it, after like 30 seconds I was ready to never watch it again. It was honestly just so bad to me.
I got up to like episode 55 and dropped it long ago.
Wss hoping things would change with the new season but it was just more of the same crap. All the monster of the week stuff wasn't even entertaining, and even the plot stuff at the end of the first season was underwhelming.
Basically the only thing that kept me watching so long was the amazing transformation sequences.

I really liked Moonlight Densetsu and Heart Moving though.

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How do we make Japanese stop adapting bad web novels? (or making them in first place)
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Sounds like a good name for a LN.
By not watching them.
After immersing myself in vidiya I discovered that playing as overpowered protagonist in action game is hella fun. Then it hit me. People who write web novels don't want to write a book, they want to make a game. However, making a game, a sufficiently impressive one, would require efforts of a dozen or several dozens of people. Simply building up to a point where one has those in his disposition requires shitton of either time or money. And so author uses web novel medium as a shortcut. (Wanting a game stage may be subconscious. Either way, games and not books are primary inspiration for web novel author, whether he realizes it or not)
And this is where pitfall comes. Literature doesn't work like games work. By making protagonist perfect one makes it impossible to develop him, and by making undevelopable character a first-person narrator author locks himself out of writing a character-driven or plot-driven story. Character who has already driven to the top has nowhere to drive other than to bottom. Plot-driven story would require protagonist to to challenged and perfect character can't be challanged. As for an action-driven story, there are more appropriate mediums for it (like games, duh).
Bottom line: web novel authors delve into medium they don't understand.

frog-kun was so happy..

will he ever recover lads?
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I hope so.
He's on the road to recovery.
It's good to see that he has a hobby. Is shogi fun?

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ITT: Best anime of the year you were born.
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Slam Dunk has always been my favourite sports manga until I read Haikyuu. What's you guys' opinion on it?
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Its okayish
it's pretty good
Even though fujoshi are backing up Haikyuu, it's still can't and will never reach that masterpiece Slam Dunk (quality/sales)

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This is Machi Amayadori.
She's living together with a brown bear.
Say something nice about her.
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cute loli miko.jpg
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Chapter is out and the Director is probably gone.
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RIP best boy

Why was this so short?
How strong is Togas regeneration? Maybe she can become Fire Punch 2.0

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