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You can't tell me this man isn't evil. He even talks like a bad guy. Prove to me he is good

Pro tip : you can't
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Ningens are evil by default
So was Lunch removed from the series because of the black -> blonde hair thing confusing people?

Akira Toriyama: Hum, I'm tired of filling Goku's black hair, what if we make him blond and calling it a 'transformation' in which he become more powerful?

Editor: It's kind of fishy, and you already used that turn-to-blonde transformation before, with Lunch.

Akira Toriyama: Who the fuck is Lunch?

Editor: ...okay, just do it already, you lazy bum.

How can other dudes even compete?
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He's the full package.
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Is anyone else keeping up with Twin Heads? Kaisar is very nice looking in that as well.
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I need him.

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Was she the main character?
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It was her
She had the only thing resembling character in the series
>you'll never get a bite out of Mami

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>Looking for something relaxing to marathon
>"Oh hey it's that magical girl show!"
>"No way it's all dark and horrible like everyone says, lets watch it"
>It's exactly that dark and horrible

I should have listened....the entire show up until the last episode was suffering.

Homura was too good for this world.
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Now watch the movies, you'll like them!
>Homura was too good for this world.

She ruined the world that Kyubei was trying to save

She was just trying to save her best friend from the horrible fate they've all been screwed into, It's hard to have a purer motivation than that.

It's just sad that in the end her friend had to become magic Jesus and die for everyone's sins.

Any moon reading anon know about this light novel series? Its called Seraphim Zone and its about lolis who transform into WWII fighter plane themed magical girls (or at least that's what I figure from looking at the cover). There's literally no info about it at all on the english internet and the only stuff I can find about it are on danbooru.
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What is wrong with Japan?

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What do these three have in common?
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They're great character stuck in a shit series.
I forgot her name but that chick gets ne super hard with her bobcut and high heels.
There are not enough doujins of here, damn it.
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Why is it whenever there is an emotional scene between two characters and one is saying some deep shit, the other character ALWAYS randomly says the person's name in a monotone sad-like way? This is literally in every single fucking anime. Why do they always say other person's name? No one talks this way and there doesn't seem to be any reason for the person to do this.
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Because melodrama.
>No one talks this way
Welcome to anime, dumbass. Leave your suspension of disbelief at the door.
rumiko popularized all that annoying shit

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Someone give this literal cuck an eyepatch so he can finally stop winking at me like a faggot
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How is he a cuck?
That's some thick neck.

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Why are template thread allowed?

Why are generals allowed?
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Generals were banned until we got newfag mods. The new bump limit and catalog didn't help. Template threads have always been a part of /a/ though, as shitty as most of them are.
Stop making this meta thread over and over. It was amusing the first two times, it doesn't need to be a daily occurrence. Yes, /a/ is full of garbage threads, but just because other people are pissing in the pool doesn't mean you should too.
SnK threads are the new naruto threads. They're on the same level.

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I want to fuck Akane's sister.
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I never had any Japanese lessons nor have I been to the Japan, but I still can read that ("今日わありがとう" / "Thanks for today") - not gonna lie, that I have at least *something* to show after literally 20 years of watching anime makes me feel a little better about myself.
Back to the drawing board, kid.

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Can robots learn to love?
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Not with Ao as a teacher
pls no bully

>yellow subs

they still have vhs anime?

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Is it really good or it's just a pretentious shitty harem
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Find out for yourself. i'm not your mother.
Really good haremshit.
It's both really.

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>second KING OF PRISM movie looks potentially even gayer than the first
Can someone tell me how this is allowed and how they keep getting away with it?
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Is this fore real?

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>be savior of anime
>nobody cares you
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Soon our great lord Kaiji will come!
He will bring balance to the anime and destroy the moe-shit!
Soon all will bow before the savior of Anime or be crushed by him!
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poor kaiji-kun.jpg
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He's not even the savior of his own fans anymore
They crucified him

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Was Hyouka a masterpiece?
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In the visual department perhaps.
someone post the pasta

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