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JoJo thread

Who's your favorite supporting character?
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Polnareff is best Jobro
Aah I made the thread way to early, I need to get better at this
Is that even a question?

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What went wrong?
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Esdeath didn't win the tatsumi bowl
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I'll tell you what went right: dragon dick.

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Which harem MC has the best harem of girls?

As in which harem is full of 10/10 girls only?
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Sorry but Momoyo is shit
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Kato Marika. Like a true lesbian space pirate, she's got booty waiting to be plundered in every port.

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ITT: Characters that ruined the show
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Literally best boy
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fucking bitch.jpg
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What does /a/ think of beyblade?
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Explain it to me.

They fight with tops?
Yeah, but mythical beasts live inside of those tops.
The 4 main characters have the 4 beasts of the 4 directions, the northern dragon, eastern tortoise, southern phoenix and western tiger.
dumb as shit premise even among toy line marketing anime

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If she dies when undressed then how is she going to have sex with Tamotsu?
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263 BDs
Which akiba would you strip?
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You don't need to be completely naked to have sex anon. Seriously cutie, how pure are you?

How do you feel about moths?
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oh shit did a new chapter get released
If butterflies were humans moths would be disgusting creepy fujos. Fuck them.
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I like them

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anna cover.jpg
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Anna was the highlight of the show and made it much more funny that it could have been.
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Jesus christ those socks ughhh
I'd drink anna's love nectar for sure.
>tanukichi is a fag
Too bad her VA is dead.

When will K-On be surpassed in its genre?
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>in its genre
>implying any anime will surpass it
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It was already per-superceeded in it's genre by Azumanga daioh.
In 10,000 years perhaps, but certainly not any sooner than that

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Why was Dangan Ronpa 3 so bad? How come hardcore Dangan Ronpa fans just eat this shit up?
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I liked it
>How come hardcore Dangan Ronpa fans just eat this shit up?
Have you seen the threads? Even the biggest fan of DG thought the anime was bullshit.
Because it's one of those things that just ends up being such a mess it loops around to be amusing to watch. Taking the DR3 wild ride with /a/ was some of the best threads of 2016. Even the dub ended up being hilarious to watch.

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what makes Kaban such a good protagonist?
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Is it really worth a watch?
Her bag.

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I won't stop loving Chika
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>Anchan will never kick your head clean off

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Is Matoi Ryuko a well written character?
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I do not know.
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Do we really need one of these threads every day?
No. Satsuki was the closest to a well written character

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The protagonists of the last two anime you've watched swap places. What happens?
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The only likeness between ichigo and lelouch is that they had the same dub va, what the hell was the intent behind this picture?
Leloouch's bankai
retardation from op

How do you feel about the Chimera Ant arc?

Do you think it was good or bad?
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I don't know why I made this plural.
>too long
>kek'd a little when Beegirl was shot
>SSJ Gon was nice
>had a tear in my eye when the loli antgirl got home to her mom

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