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ITT: Untranslatable words
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>rub a dub dub, thanks for the grub
rub a dub, thanks for itadakimasu!

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Kirino or Sagiri, /a/

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>shit or shit, /a/

no thanks
Give me a single reason to choose Kirino

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>thigh high
oh god

Post the comfiest animes you've watched.
Bonus if not moeshit.

I'll start:
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Not even collecting your own bonus, eh?
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Anyone else's collection getting to be a little too big?

I'm storing everything on one hd atm and I'm afraid of what will happen if it dies.
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I stream, so I dont have that problem.
>only 2.5TB
>his shit is stored locally
>not having a NAS/DAS store the files
>not having a 3 drive+ RAID5 setup
>not having a separate individual drive running rsyncd and constantly keeping it updated in case of data loss

Less important stuff
>no zfs
>no ecc
I dont collect anything.

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What did she mean by this?
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She's his woman now.

kaji got NTR'd by Shinji's big majestic cock.

hey you who have nothing to fight for go fight to the death for sex.

kinda like that gundam seed girl
This. If you didn't catch that a large part of the character interactions handle the psychology intrinsic in the struggle between genders, especially when using sex, love, and intimacy as manipulators, you literally have to be a kid or plain unconscious.

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What went wrong?
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Nichijou is literally the only good thing on the right.
What a fucking disaster.
>No more 30k from nichishit onwards

Truly the beginning of the debacle
I still can't believe Clannad went after Haruhi or LS, it looks older

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Nagi ending, that's what happened.
Nagi won, which was somehow a shock to the majority of the remaining fanbase.
What a surprise.
DKThias probably is still in shock. That's why there's been no release for some time.

Would /a/ have liked this more if the genders were reversed?
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Yes, but then it would've been a commercial failure
No /a/ user would watch a show with a female cast, any person who views such series is from /v/ or /mu/.
Unironically this

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Unskippable openings

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What do I win?

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describe anime.png
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Let's go.
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It's about cute girls doing cute things
A kiddo who can't get into a motherfucking robot.
He lives with a lot of cute females but he is gay.
At the end he masturbates to a dead teenager and there is orange juice everywhere.
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New characters and VA's revealed.


>Shouya Ishige
>Takahiro Sakurai
>Subaru Kimura
>Chiharu Sawashiro
>Daiki Hamano
>Yuki Nakashima
>Shoma Yamamoto
>Yuna Kamakura
>Shunsuke Takeuchi

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Who are these VAs?
Anyone we should be excited about?
>those designs and VA's
I'm feeling Zexal vibes.
>I'm feeling Zexal vibes.
The best kind of vibes

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Is SAO the greatest casual filter in the history of anime? It's almost like being fan of this piece of shit is enough to have your opinion totally discarted by anyone who doesn't have a not so shit-taste.
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The first arc was good
Close but it's no One Piece.

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Every limp wristed beta harem protagonist.
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>he doesn't want to see shinji get his boipucci pounded
you gay or something?



125 hours left for episode 15 subs
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>"Hi, I'm Akko! I'm a clutzy, unaware fool that treats Luna Nova like a playground with no respect for the proper use of magic! Hurr he hurr durr!"
Somebody's calling me but I don't know what
Somebody's talking but I don't know who

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