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Why aren't there more Indians in anime/manga?
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Because India is one of the most unappealing places on the entire planet.
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You mean like these?
Shut your whore mouth

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Why did ReLife have no impact on /a/? Did it hit too close to home?
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Too good for /a/.
It was shit
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I enjoyed the manga

have these Hishirons

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It's been one year...
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the shitposting was fun though

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So i got this crazy idea. According to MAL, there are about 1,158 hentai out there. In theory, it should be possible to watch every single one of them (or at least give them a 1 episode chance). I think im gonna go for it. It would be nice to be that one guy who has seen every hentai out there.
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Do it over 3 months anon. That's a solid 8 hours of hentai a day.
Is your life really this pathetic?

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Considering Capu 3 is never going to happen, let's reminisce with some of our favorite screenshots.
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Fuckin saved
The amine was just mindless fan service. The manga pioneered battle NTR as a genre.
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kurumu kick.gif
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>the mangaka just disappeared afterwards

Didn't the last chapter say he that he had a new series coming out soon? Guess Editor-kun lied to him.

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What would've happened if Rin didn't fuck up and actually got a Saber class servant?
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Can we stop for a moment and talk about how shit the rider class is
she would've fucked saber every night
Win the grail war, be killed by Gilgamesh

Shiro commits sudoku

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Did you expect a realistic depiction of a sport? In anime?
best boy

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Remember the horrible translation of chapter 27? Well, better prepare for another one. Nevertheless, here's chapter 29 for those who dare.

Hello Abyss - 29 - "Reunion of Fate"

"No way!?"
"Using the crystallized water support?"
"You crossed all the way here!?"

"No way!?"
"That's... you could have slipped off at any moment."

"Even if you lie, I'd know, I've seen it after all."
"How did you actually come here?"

"Hey, say something."

"Look, both of you, there's no telling how much they know.
Don't speak carelessly.
Tease them into talking."

"Information is strength.
Don't get scared, no matter what they say.
Don't miss a single word."
"Hey, don't just stay quiet..."
"Want to try touching my hat...?"
"What's up with this lenience..."
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I care OP. Thanks as always
it begins
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"Making conversation..."
"Is hard..."
"You both... save me...!"


"Name! My name!"
"I'm Prushka!"
"Yours are?"

"Re... Reg."
"I'm Riko!"

"And this one?"

"You're really fluffy and cute."
"Are those ears real?"
"Can you speak?"

Grab some coffee and sip through.

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>Twin Angel BREAK - 03 [720p].mkw
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Incest when
Kaitou Tenshi Twin Angel and Twin Angel Break are different shows.
Show with seiyuus

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Who will handle the inevitable adaptation?
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You'll get banned
And who cares? It'll be shit no matter who does it.
Most likely A-1. They already did the special episode.

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>Had two seasons, a movie and even a bunch of "side material" (Manga, School Idol Diary, Drama CD)

>Still ended up being (at best) a boring and forgettable character that plays second fiddle to Nozomi, Nico and the rest or at worst the most badly written and clusterfuck character out of the cast

I just don't fucking understand /a/: were the writers intentionally trying to make a shitty character? How in the hell is it possible to make to have so much time and so much material and still end up with a terrible character? I just don't understand
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I still want to ravage her anus so apparently they did something right.
Counterpoint, the scene where she abashedly tries to hide her lewd body in her swimsuit. All is forgiven
She is Umi approved

Rune scans are out:

Summary of the chapter so far:
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Tatami Galaxy.jpg
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Why is this a good anime?

I would argue that Hyouka did a better job at showing how to pursue a rose colored life. Tatami Galaxy had variety but it was ankle deep. Hyouka took the idea and tried to make it more subtle.
I will give points to Tatami for using blatant symbolism but it just seems loud and obnoxious compared to the direction of Hyouka.
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it's got a killer OP
>did a better job at showing how to pursue a rose colored life
Tatami Galaxy did not, and never tried to do this at all. It was about why focusing on an 'ideal' of life is bad and detracts from the good of reality.
I give Tatami Galaxy points for actually being good and not boring shit.

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Is /lit/ fat, /a/?

Would you care to check
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Did they finally stop focusing on brown girl, all the time?
For the past 2-3 chapters they are focusing on /lit/ and it seems a new girl will come next week.
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Instead of trying to imitate that stylish girl
The best thing for you is to just be yourself
If you can feel the sparkle inside your heart
Follow it and go out searching for your ideal self

Take all of those welling feelings
Snap it in half and share it
With all of your wonderful friends

Make it! We're invincible when our hearts are beating fast
Make up! The tomorrow waiting for us shines forevermore
Our dreams are no longer just dreams
Everyone can see their own granted

It's /ai/ - Idle Activities
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Would you take 5~ episodes of forced drama as Yume and Roller get separated in exchange for an scene as gay as this as resolution?

Poor Takkii.
File: 2017-04-11-18h41m18s414.jpg (197KB, 1280x738px)Image search: [Google]
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This Yui really is something else.

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