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What are the biggest changes your waifu brought into your life?
She made me become addicted into wearing similar leotards.
Please help me out of this /a/. I am ashamed of myself. I don't want to be feminized.
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My waifus help me live.
Only solution now is kill yourself
She made me feel loved and now I have someone I can love back.
Meeting her was the best thing happened in my life, she changed it so much.

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Has any MC ever ruined an anime to the point of you not wanting to watch the show anymore but feeling guilty for giving it up halfway through? I'm at episode 10 of Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann and for this whole first half of the series Simon honestly seems like a whiny cuck. He reminds me of Kazuma from konosuba but instead of this being a satirical comedic series, they label this show a drama. As such, I'd expect some sort of character development in regards to his strength besides learning being and edgy fuck that only further proves his worthlessness. He's constantly relying on the women around him for everything and he's not apologetic about it; in fact, he has not stopped bitching and crying since the first episode. I was honestly enjoying the series up until Kamina died. I watched where he gets his shit kicked in by some stereotypical monkey cuck on the grounds of saving shitty Simon.

Does it get better? Do i just say fuck it? If he doesn't start growing some balls and get some absurd super power that transforms the whole pace of the series, I see no reason to continue watching it.
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Keep fucking watch it retard, you're gonna get spoilered hard, REALLY HARD.

I seriously hope you drop off this thread or at least delete it OP, or else you're going to regret it and I hope you aren't going to bitch about it when you get spoilered hard and miss out the fucking moments.
^ He's right. Episode 11 is when this series goes from pretty good to legendary
is this new pasta?

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Which chuu2 would be the best fuck?
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I want to passionately eat Yuuta's ass while stroking him off with well-lubed hands.
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Is piss smelling childish pussy the greatest combination of words in the English language?

Kimi no na wa is finally bumped off the theaters!

Now, would anons pay to watch Kanaberi one-night-only event on April 26 (Wed) ?
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no, but I'd like to see kimi no na wa again

okay and fucking silent voice when ;_;
>Literally attack on titan, with japs and zombies instead of germans and titans
Shitty show tbqh
Kabaneri on the big screen would be amazing, so yes.

>That OST with audio cinema quality

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Ye Xiu. Having to deal with zaShunina neutralizes Shindo's smug.
Smuggest guy in town.
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Can we get some rare akaris?
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ITT post hundred+ year old demons
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Does it really count if you are sealed for that whole time?

I'd allow it this time cause they were conscious during that time.
Sure why not?

Plus this totally wasn't actually just a subtle gash thread to begin with
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You mean Inami thread
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Now that both of the shittiest girls have been posted, maybe the thread can move on to better things.

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>I wanna be special

Seriously though anon, I feel the same way
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She was trying too hard.
Great reaction, it was special

But you're a lesbian.

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Why am I the only one who knows Übel Baltt? I think it is the greatest Manga of all time
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I thought his name was Konzell for some reasons
Yes, you are the only one who knows about it. It is secretly slipped into publication in the magazine every single time by the author solely for your sake.
> Why am I the only one who knows Übel Baltt?
You aren't.

> I think it is the greatest Manga of all time
Your taste is beyond help.

It's Koinzell.

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What the hell is SHAFT gonna do when they get through adapting Owarimonogatari?

Are they gonna find some other easily-adaptable trash LN? Finish Zetsubou Sensei? Will shinbo die of a heart attack?
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They will keep adapting Monogatari, duh.
They were already given one of the most popular light novel series and fucked it up. I don't think Aniplex will ever trust them again.
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Aren't there a shitload of other side-stories

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What coffee would you like to order sir?
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Hot Cocoa
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Asians like me and my wife Chiya prefers traditional green tea
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Going to MARRY my girlfriend Sharo-chan~

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Hi /a/, how's your day going? Friendly reminder that ATOM The Beginning is our anime and that we need to support it! Yesterday thread was a trainwreck, but I'm sure this one will be an huge success!
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The Atom spam is almost as bad as the chink one.
Why? In this times full of doubts you have the rock solid certainty that once a day you'll find this thread on /a/. Isn't this reassuring?
I just watched the first episode, and have never cared about Astro Boy (I may have watched a few episodes of an adaptation that came a few years ago, but don't remember much) or Tezuka, how is this related to his works?

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is it gay to like Josei mangas?
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>Is it gay
It's always gay.
What components of gayness do Josei manga have?

I've seen markedly less girls (male) in Josei and overall less gay relationships.
Which "josei"? "Josei" as a whole includes everything from various BL to fujoshit to het romance to adventure etc.

Was May the first oppai loli in anime?
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inb4 the retard calling anyone discussing May "Scott"
/vp/'s doing a new pokegirl poll.

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