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>Umetsu is talented at pretty much everything
>Except directing a series
This is tragic.
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Wow I'd forgotten all about that show. The character designs were awfully cute, but yeah that show was a snooze fest.
I actually really enjoyed myself watching this, though it's obvious not many people even bothered to see it.
It was a great show.

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your favorite animu intros or outros please.

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Cowboy Bebop

Good taste.
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The first 3 are my top 3, after that i like them all equally.

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Old thread died but it was quite fun so let's continue. I'll start:

Guy and girl switch places, then an asteroid hits the earth.
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A blonde magical girl with wand from foreign country, cucking his mexican male friend
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the antagonist does not have friends and that's why the antagonist is bad. but then the protagonist befriends the antagonist and suddenly the antagonist is good
1. Girl needs to pee, girl is smashed into a wall and dies.
2. Girl flashes her panties to the MC, MC's childhood friend wants MC's dick.
3. Navels and no one gives a damn.
4. Girl wants to fly, MC teaches her, OP singer's career is dead.
5. Love triangle, OP singer's career is dead.

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Elves are so elegant and graceful.
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fat elves best elves
She looks frumpy
>another fanservice the manga
fuck off

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Rare-ass Anime

I'll start
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Iczer's pretty common. It even got a BD release in Japan.

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This qt offers you to take your virginity when the time's just right, what do you do?
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>having sex before marriage
It's a dude isn't it?
My Hinami ship is sinking so hard right now and I'm not even mad, yet retarded toukafags and etofags continue shitting up the threads.

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This is a potato, say something nice about her.
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I like he hair really.
well done, you made a thread on the anime board of 4chan.
that wasn't so hard, was it? all you had to do was look at all the other pointless threads like this and copy them

Penguins are for ________
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Add a kemono Friends on the subject field if you want this as the new thread
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...having a cold beer after the day is done
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Cuddling for warmth.

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ITT: Characters who the Author tries to pass off as intelligent, but who actually aren't
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Season 2 when?
Never ever ever.
It's unavoidable when the author herself isn't that intelligent.

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How would NGE differ if it was set primarily in Australia?
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>Oi Shinji get in the robot you daft cunt
>the angels are just naturally occurring Australian wildlife
The angels get eaten by the wildlife as soon as they appear.

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father returning to the truth.jpg
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Wasn't this a little too much?
His punishment seemed way too harsh.

Father did nothing wrong.
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he knew the rules and broke them anyway. besides, truth only returned him to where he belonged in the first place.
>Father did nothing wrong
All these souls stored inside Hohenheim disagreed.
He opposed God. There's really not a higher sin.

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C..C...Can I Ha...aa..ve a...a ᶰᵉʷ ˢᵉᵃˢᵒᶰ?
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That's not how people stutter.
Only if you teach me how to type like that

How can fake chinese cartoons compete against the real deal?
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Well for starters having a language where the VAs wouldn't sound like shit is ideal.
>First chinese anime
>it's isekai shit
it's not isekai, they're playing computer games, which is more autistic.

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vhs tapes.jpg
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I'm curious to see where this goes.

Who here still owns anime on VHS & Laserdisc?
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fuck off gramps
I have my VHS still but I never got on the LD train to begin with
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I don't blame you, only a handful of english releases came out in america, where as Japan had over 1000 Anime on laserdisc to choose from. It was the medium of chaice for anime for like 15 years, but really never took off in america. I don't think they even finished releasing things like Eva in english.

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