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Do Japs genuinely think this looks better
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than this
I prefer the first one.
Yes. Both in terms of design and assumed animation. I literally cannot hate Studio Orange CG

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Why are dubs so bad, so really bad.

Aside from dragonball z, fullmetal alchemist, and the one piece anime the dubs for everything else are just really awkward.

The dubs in one punch man are just not over the top enough or sound even close to decent, the fact that people get paid for this is obscene
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Hellsing had a pretty alright dub
DB Kai had the best voice acting in history though.

Only because crispin freeman has such an iconic voice I think the rest of it was because you had actors with actual accents playing characters who needed actual accents

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Picked up

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(Unconfirmed) According to 2ch, this is Aya's love story revolving around a new guy.
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More like JUSTpei
I think you're forgetting who he ended up with
Oh good lord, this is like NTR for Aya fans

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drop everything, emergency chiyo-chan thread
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It's been 11.5 years since Nanoha A's aired
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And Vita is still best girl.
I can't remember if I arrived on /a/ right after A's finished airing, or right after. All I remember is people being disappointed that Nanoha's weapon's real name is 'Raising Heart' instead of the much cooler sounding 'Raging Heart' we thought it was

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If this ever gets a anime will she outclass Yuno?
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>new resident of every worst girl thread.
White Queen, it is time to stop posting.
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No u!

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LABO in a few hours. Get ready for more info on the Anime(Hopefully) and Duel Links shilling. Any dreams or hopes for VRAINS?
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Crow and link blackwings
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just finished marthoning arc-v .. and i got to say i don't see why people hate it so much

sure it was disappointing when i found out that's this a totally different timeline

but the the synchro stuff was solid and had a great finale for the arc

the xyz was a bit of a downer because everyone was such a dick but as soon we get into fusion shit started to get good ... what really took me out of is after they defeated zarc the episode after it started so strange thats i thought i skipped an episode or something

i get its an exuse to let yuya duel in front of a crowed at the finale but it was rushed IMO

over all it wasnt as bad as people made it out to be
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this is why

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What would happen is asuka had awaken up that scene?
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She'd look like she does at the end and say "disgusting."
baka shinji
>not the gif

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>a boy in college
>gets romantically involved with a woman 15 years his senior.
>later finds out he was adopted as a baby
>has sex with the older woman
>later finds out she is his birth mother.
>conflicted as he hasn't told her yet.
>she keeps wanting to advance the relationship.
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I distinctly remember reading about this in the newspaper a few years back, except it was a dad x daughter version.

In Tony Kaku:
>anime set in a post-apocalyptic fantasy world
>MC and crew are a group of explorers who get commissioned to find and map a supposed ocean to the South
>since it's an unexplored region, they have no supplies other than their armour and weapons
>along the way they explore ancient ruins that now lay home to various monsters
>Omnibus show like Amagami or Photo Kano
>Same MC, different girl for every arc
>MC and the girl start the arc as a couple
>The arc depicts how the girl gets stolen from MC
>The "other" is different on every arc
>The last, filler arc depicts the school's bicycle falling in love with MC and deciding to heal his heart after seeing it being broken
A high school boy is hit by a Japanese truck and wakes up in another world. However, he's not the hero, he's the princess. While trying to make sense of this, the MC is kidnapped by the demon lord who wants to make the human princess his bride. However, the demon lord turns out to be a girl. More than that, it's the MC's childhood friend who was also hit by a Japanese truck.

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What the fuck just happened
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one two punch

and a papepipapo
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Why didnt you protect this smile /a/?
You watched am anime with a bad-ass soundtrack.

Quick, now is your chance. Just say YES.
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With pleasure.
I don't know
What would sex with Kobayashi be like?

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>[HorribleSubs] Natsume Yuujinchou Roku - 03 [720p].mkv

Get in here.
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Reporting in
I'll wait for commie, but it's nice that CR didn't take a whole fucking day this time.
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Good episode. Shibata is a cool guy.

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>Will you be a Savior candidate or a Dark Load worshiper?
>Dark Load
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Just watched the first episode of this

I was going to commend the show on the rare restraint shown by waiting until five minutes before the traditional Hobby Japan fanservice and groping began,
but then at the five to six minute mark featured all of melting clothing, thigh caressing, nipple sucking, and then one getting blasted away with their spread crotch ending up hurtling towards the entire camera until there was nothing but cameltoe.

And yet, despite that, it was only a few minutes later before a hand was back up the vagina. To its credit, the next girl was met with a swift kick to the boobs. Of course, when the 'main' fight started. Oh Boy! one hit to make clothes explode and then back to the crotch cams and closeup face shots everywhere! Then main character Angel put on some kind of flying skull segway as her new clothes and proceeded to do absolutely nothing while everybody else teamed up as the frame rate plummeted because animating is really hard, guys.

so in other words: yuri shit
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As an assman should I watch this show?

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What did Abelia see in Hamdo?
>almost twenty year old anime
>still gets the occasional thread on /a/

I'd say it's doing quite well still.
What else is there to talk about?

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