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Do anime girls whack off when we're not looking?
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Reina and Sento are canon schlickers.
Why Reina though?

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Why does /a/ dislike flawed characters?
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What you mean, nigger? Akko is sex, that's why I like her.
Because /a/ is full of flawed characters.
A flawed character that never learns or improves is what's bad. AKA, Akko.

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Remember me?
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Yeah some slut that made me drop the show
I remembered you today.
I masturbated to you too

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He better die so a Kazuya series is made.
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>he better win and team up with Kazuya to beat up daddy
oh shit didn't even know this was being updated
where are you even finding this

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IF Ritsu had a dick, she would be the best at whacking off hands down.
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If Mugi had a dick, it would be the biggest by far.
>Ritsu will never whack you off at 240bpm
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Now what if Yui had a dicc?

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Tell me how Griffith is the bad guy
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He's more beautiful than any of the female characters
He killed a bunch of guys and raped Casca in front of Guts, which is kinda petty.
Read the manga.

It's explicitly implied that he takes Mickey's sister right before Mickey's eyes on the piano, and than forces Mickey to play it afterwards. I don't think I can continue, it's sick.
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alpha af
Can you hear it?
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Why do anime in the 80s used to look much better? Wtf happened?
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Hand drawn animation

Is it that hard to do on a computer?
Painted cels.

Most animation these days is still hand drawn, but it's digitally colored and composited instead of being composited by hand with a camera.

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Will fan subbing ever come back?
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>Space Dandy
>Concrete Revolutio
>Mob Psycho

Is BONES the only studio left that does ambitious projects?
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>flop hipster shit
>flop hipster shit
>flop hipster shit

They are just so much into animation that they just forgot how to write a story.

Also, Captain Earth.
Kekkai was cool aside form the whole finale thing. Bungou was shit

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Hey, someone subbed the new episode.
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Its very odd to see the girls again when the anime is only at ch 26. They are different versions of themselves as compared to the manga which is so far along. My perception of the characters and how even though it is 'new' its still old, does not help.
For example, Miia going off about how she could be down one rival is completely accurate in every sense, but now she isn't like that.
Dead Franchise.
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>Tionisha 3

I wish there was 3 of 'em

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Is Kimetsu not getting translated this week? There's even an extra seven page mini-chapter!

Bonus Question: Am I the only one who gets extremely excited for this every week?
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I am excited. What's the extra pages about? I hope it's cute siblings doing cute things

I was wondering if translator-kun died or something

I forgot to dump the extra chapter last time

Kind of


>[HorribleSubs] Oushitsu Kyoushi Haine - 04 [720p].mkv
Who's watching still?
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Also we're in agreement that Kai is best boy, right?
I am. Discussion for this died pretty fast.
>Heine is the royal tutor in the city of weiner
This must be intentional

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Thanks to Nasu shenanigans, the children resulting from the Shirou/Saber route, the Shirou/Rin route, and the Shirou/Sakura route all end up in the same dimension. Which grouping wins the resulting fight to the death?
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The one that can use magic.
> not self-inserting as Shirou from the best end in Rin's route where the girls share him
the group that summons saber in the resultant HGW

Characters that (almost) ruined the anime for you.
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Faggot ruined the series, I shouldn't have bothered.
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Can't stand this fucker

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