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>tfw you forget to change it from dub to sub
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>he needs subs
>Not listening in your native language if possible
FDR did nothing wrong.
I give every dub a chance if I can find one, though usually they're pretty bad.

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Slan is for ___________
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>Slan is for ___________

Will this dick of an author ever continue berserk?
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stabbing with your hard, long sword

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Nise was shit
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How's that senpai,
Also not that season 1 was good, but I dropped this shit real quick
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Nise was a piece of shit except for Kaiki
My brain hated it but my dick loved it.
Balanced out.

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This looks horrible.
>normal-colored hair

Shit adaptation
>That starving Jotaro

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What does /a/ think of Gall Force?
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The first film is pure Sonoda, 80s goodness beginning to end. The other Gall Force films and OVAs are optional.
This is me and my hemorrhoids
Too much anal sex, ehh?

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/a/nons, why the hell Madoka Magica is such a good title?
Long story short, I have a veird tradition - Every year, somewhere at the end of every Spring season, I'm coming up with a top ten anime titles I've ever seen and just straight ahead rewatch them for like 3 days straight.
And the thing is, since I've watched Madoka, It was always taking at least top 3 of this list.
Yesterday I've been casually rewatching final episodes of this beautiful and great title about magical girls and a strange question popped up in my head - why the hell am I enjoying it so much? I mean, It's just a decent title, isn't it?
The artwork isn't anywhere on a top-tier level, the story sometimes is kinda meh, and I don't even give a fuck about some of the main characters (Mami in particular). But still, It is very enjoyable and brings me a fuck ton of different emotions. And I just don't have any idea why it is so.
What do you guys thing about this title?
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It's alright senpai, you're a pleb. Don't take that as an insult. Just like you may have heard in various media the concept of "light cannot exist without darkness" or "good cannot exist without evil" etc... do not not be disheartened, without pedestrian taste, patrician taste cannot exist. Although you may toil away with your common opinion, know that it is not for naught, for your own shortcomings in opinion as an individual may not seem like much, but combined with that of many others like you, you define the norm, which distinguished individuals with true refined taste may sail above.
I enjoyed the show but it didn't really "click" for me until episode 10, which is when it finally hit me on an emotional level. I've been able to appreciate the rest of it much more on rewatches and it's now one of my favorites. I think the emotional connection is what separates it from other shows. I've watched plenty of shows that I've enjoyed and cared about the story and characters, but the ones that didn't ultimately make that connection I stopped caring about not long afterwards.
>What do you guys thing about this title?
my sister thought it was gay

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Here we go!
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Yo wtf? I thought this anime was somewhat grounded in reality.
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Keep going. Witness what happens when a studio pushes its limits and subsequently goes under.
Sit down.
So this really is a trainwreck from here on out, isn't it?

>movies 1-7
>movie 8
In that order?
Can I go through this before touching Tsukihime?
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KnK and Tsukihime do not exist in the same universe. Two pairs of MEoDP cannot exist on the same plane of existence.
Fucking release order
It's not that hard
Can they trade one of their eyes with someone else?

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Thus begins the final set of arcs...

4chan will you let me fucking post? Christ
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Christ that took me like 5 tries and two browsers. The fuck.

Also Youko stop being so fucking adorable.
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And then I forgot my trip...
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We're still without a redrawer. I know one anon expressed interest last week but hasn't e-mailed me so we're still in LQ zone.

Remember, e-mail me at [email protected] if you are an experienced redrawer who is willing to help work on this series.

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>Normal harem
>MC wouldn't touch his girls with someone else's dick.
>Lesbian harem (e.g. Charlotte from Valkyrie Drive, the lesbians from HxH battle harem academy #98374, Zola from Cross Ange)
>Main bitch can't keep her hands off of someone else's pussy for more than five minutes. Has a custom-built boudoir for all the fucking they do.
Why can't every harem MC be a male Zola?
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>MC doesn't touches bitches
>MC touches bitches
Because the point here is that they are degenerate and depraved characters that are always portrayed as the villains in the story.
It's not actually a good thing.
Because male MC are there for the audience to self-insert, and otaku are huge cowards.
Meanwhile the super dyke is her own character and does whatever she pleases.

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has it age well ?
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I still want to marry Kagura so I guess yes
It doesn't need to age well, it's fine as it is. Only the anime viewerbase grows and becomes better or worse.

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I don't think I've ever been this depressed since Spirited Away.

Post anime that makes you think life will get better, only to have life beat you down even harder.
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Are you stupid, or just underage?
Don't make this the new Kimi No Na Wa thread please
What? It had a happy ending.

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new version.png
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What do you think?
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>shit, i made kuroneko so much better than kirino but it's supposed to be an incest story
>better have her break up with him for no reason
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>nekofags still btfo

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Get shit on you fucking faggots. Yamakan is saving anime and there is not a god damn thing you can do about it
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That smug feeling you get when you know you are better than the other directors in the industry
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