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Why is /a/ not watching this show? It's like Fuuka but actually good.
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I read the manga and it was shit
Only slightly. At least Fuuka wasn't as autistic as this is. Only hope the music is better.

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Let's play a game, /a/.
First poster posts an idea for ideal anime.
Second poster finds a flaw to utterly ruin it.

I'll start: A romcom where best gitl wins.
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No kiss.
A mecha where they're made of different materials, metal, wood, glass, etc
A nature otaku haremu where nerd girl gets raped by gorillas, but doesn't really care, and continues studying gorillas.

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There's tons of threads on imoutos vs Neesans
Otoutos vs Onii-sans
Which is better?
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Refrain from using Mein Kaiser for shitty threads like this.
He would have interest in the answer, since the Kaiser was an affectionate otouto
Aneki > otouto > imouto >aniki

What is the meaning of this?
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it's perfect, thats what it means
>KyoAi's largest tits n ass yet
How can they top this
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What went wrong ?
Discus how a new manga that was edgy and interesting became such a boring read?
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Everything went wrong after the Tsukiyama arc ended
It was the hypest shit up until that point
yeah but how the fuck does Papa Ishida passes from savior of the edgeto such an over complicated plot in so little time?
>Papa Ishida
fuck off back to tumblr

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Last few Nihei threads have been horrible, but good god man, I just stumbled upon the Master Editions of Blame at the bookstore, and it is GORGEOUS! Stupidly huge. Great printing too.

First time a physical manga has instilled consumerism lust in me. Anyone else here bought this?
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Geez what happened to the top right panel in the older version, its so dark comparatively
Why is your finger nail so small?
It's like the skin around it ate the fingernail
do they really translated MC name as Kirry?

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smug cocksleeves.png
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Why aren't you pursuing a rewarding career of a novellist? Consider this: every single Japanese LN writer from the past, the present and the future is a talantless hack. It's impossible for you to be worse than them. You would instantly rise to the top of this tower of shit just from entering it.
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I doubt it.

I mean, there HAS to be SOMETHING in those novels we just can't get the grasp of. Maybe every single translation is plain bad, maybe it is some multiironic layer of guilty pleasure, maybe, I don't know, there is some fun?
Isekai is what sells and I can't write.
The market is getting saturated, but you aren't wrong with targeting the everhungry masses with guppy fantasies out of pure pragmatism.
Not /a/, but I'm doing something undertalewise myself, wish luck if anyone tries something themselves.

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Where were you when the battle of the century began?
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Hidaka can't possinly win against Oono.
Akuma scrub
>ST Akuma vs Gief

If she loses this she is the ultimate jobber.

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Why are the Shinsengumi so popular, particularly with fujoshi?
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I've been seeing a lot of them outside of Gintama recently but I get the feeling it's a much more of a long-standing thing. Was there a fujobait show or an otome game that put them on the map way back in the day or something?
touken ranbu
They were popular with fujo before the swordfags

Why is Kriritsugu so awesome?
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Nothin personal kid
Because you are 12 years old.
Because he kills magi and doesn't afraid of anything.

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To absolutely destroy humanity's ability to fight against those things in any capacity because of his daddy issues.
Crashing this train

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What are some instances of romance does right in a shonen series?
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>inb4 "What does he say to her?"
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I think I might be genuinely in love with Izaya.
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He's getting better. I could help him.
Took you long enough, Shizuo.

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No chapter next week
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What went wrong with this show?
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I actually thought it was pretty decent. Shame that people wanted to see them fight hideous CG monsters for 12 episodes instead of the mystery shenanigans we got. At the very least, we can all agree that the show provided us with one of the best girls in recent times.
The show was great, people were disappointed because they expected an action show instead of a mystery one.
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Bullied best girl. It was also boring.

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