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Does anyone have more information about this?
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sadly, no.
Are you interested too?
yep, tried searching but the only thing just lead me to raw shorts on youtube

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Why didn't he just kill Suzaku?
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Because he was his best friend and most importantly knew that he could only trust him for Zero Requiem.
He loved him.
Because he didn't fully commit to his rebellion.

The Капитан blocks your path and demands you drop and give her fifty. What do you do?
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Give her fifty.
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Fifty what?
Fifty slurps on her futa cock

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underwater ray romano.jpg
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Iro asenai rakugaki de?

I don't remember the lyrics.
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A new manga based on the TV Series "THE [email protected]" was announced! It's called "THE [email protected]: Side Story". N

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>THE [email protected]: Side Story
But that's not the name, it's 朝焼けは黄金色. Anyway, seems like it'll start on July so it'll be a while.
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best girl
Oh wow, and is that guy over there the president? So we finally get to see his face?

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I can't stop reading shitty battle royale/survival game style manga.

help me!
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Tenkuu Shinpan isn't that bad. The worst part is the shitty Crunchyroll censorship.
Try reading a manga that's the exact opposite.
I go through the same phase at least once a year. They are great time wasters

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Stay on facebook, you piece of shit.
SukaSuka is the lighthearted depression I need
My thoughts are that's a facebook filename, according to 4chan X.

Is a cat really fine too?
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I miss this show.
An Etotama thread without replies? Not in my watch. ;_;
Why it has to be kemono shit that become super popular and not Etotama?

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Has any MC ever ruined an anime to the point of you not wanting to watch the show anymore but feeling guilty for giving it up halfway through? I'm at episode 14 of Re:Zero and for this whole first half of the series Subaru honestly seems like a whiny cuck. He reminds me of Kazuma from konosuba but instead of this being a satirical comedic series, they label this show a drama. As such, I'd expect some sort of character development in regards to his strength besides learning a shitty spell that only further proves his worthlessness. He's constantly relying on the women around him for everything and he's not apologetic about it; in fact, he has not stopped bitching and white-knighting since the first episode. I was honestly enjoying the series up until the most recent episode I watched where he gets his shit kicked in by some stereotypical knight cuck on the grounds of dishonoring his famiry.

Does it get better? Do i just say fuck it? If he doesn't start growing some balls and get some absurd super power that transforms the whole pace of the series, I see no reason to continue watching it.
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Kill yourself, no seriously kill yourself.
>Muh I can not self insert into mc
>Muh mc is not perfect
Little kids like you need to leave
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Can we all agree that Taiga is a fucking hypocrite whore that has all the red flags that a man that wants to have a happy family should avoid?
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I literally finished this show today.
I mean, she's a good person, once you get pst all the horrible.
>if you look past her violent behavior, shitty temperament, self-destructive tendencies, and complete inability to assume any sort of personal responsibility she's not bad!

Wow sign me up

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Why is this so good?
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It probably isn't.
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The cast is full of average people capable of incredible tasks.
police in 30 foot tall robots.

cute police girl tomboy with a mecha fetish

trigger happy policeman

yamato nadeshiko japanese american police woman

wise calm captain.

government and corporate conspiracies

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No development whatsoever and isnt engaging

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Would this be the greatest series of all time /a/?
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>No girls

What's the premise?
Jotaro is god and in love with Avdol. He wants to do crazy stuff like going to restaurants without paying if the food is bad which ends in weird shenanigans that may or may not cause the destruction of the world. Also DIO tries to break the time continuity or something because he wants to get his moeblob mother back.

Megumin is worst girl
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FUCK Megumin!
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Monday is over, come back next week.

She looks so soft
I want to rub her cheeks and ruffle her hair
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I love Selesia!
Best girl.
I WOULD love Selesia if she would control her temper a little more. She's too rude for me currently

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