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Which K-ON would be the best fuck?
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this is every other K-On thread but not disguised by the pretense of cutesy memeposting
more of this please
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I want to fuck Ricchan the most, but I will admit that Azunyan would undoubtedly be the best and most satisfying fuck.

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of course not!
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Magic 'exists'
Is there a better deito than Lucifer for me? Of course not!

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Awhile back Metal Slug got an anime in the form of a pachislot


A lot of dead anime we'll never see much of ever again like Dunbine got the same treatment too and it hurts to see all that animation wasted on such a poor format, it really does.
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Is there a way to pirate shit from the japanese googleplay store?

I tried AIO downloader but, as anyone could expect, it was a lie, thank god i didnt go further or sure my stuff would have died.

A lot of these pachislot machines can be downloaded from the jp store only.
Wait, what? I had no idea such an option was available. I was thinking of just purchasing the machine itself from amazon.co.jp
You mean the jap store? Yeah.

Not all of them (for example, who knos if this MS one did) but theres a lot of simulations of pachinko/pachislot machines available, but only on there, if you are on the us, even if you get to the app page, google wont let you buy or install the app.

Someone actually bought and shared here the madoka pachislot app a long time ago.

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Show me your "Do it for her" character, /a/.
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This is a bit outdated, made it some time ago.
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Which Love is the best Live?
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You posted her.

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rpg maker horror game the witch's house is getting a manga. Anyone excited?
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no. im still mad at the ending. unless this has original ending.
I hope it won't be as bad as Yume Nikki.
The true ending was perfect though.

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Will she ever brush her hair?
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I hope not.
I hope so.
She's cute the way she is

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Mana stop it please
The poor boy is already dead
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She's just being a sore bitch now.
But the point is, she's feeling just the same.
Should I feel bad for starting to like Shimizu?
>not a manlet
>overall a good guy

He did it again.
The madman.
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What anime is that
Boku no Pico: Angeru Slayer
Come faggot. You can clearly see best girl


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is this really how Lelouch is going to look like in R3?
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It's very true to life. Boys become their fathers.
What's the matter, too fabulous for you?
>Front spiked
>back meticulously curled
That is some turbo autistic hair styling.

left or right?
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This sexy cutie.
Right, because I am a patrician.

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I just opened and skipped all of those OP. What are you going to do about it?





they deleted the one warau salesman new op video that wasn't a cover or 8bit.

and are you telling this,Wooser no Sono Higurashi Kakusei-Hen - NCED [BD-720p][C82C9BDC], is the full version of the song? sucks man

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>OP features characters that never appear in the season at all

recent example is Konosuba s1 with YunYun, any other?
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She did appear in the OVA though
Long running shounen anime definitely have characters on some OPs that don't appear through that OP's duration. Gintama and One Piece at least do.

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Ep 4 Today
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Is best girl alive yet?
I just caught up with the current airing episode and lurked through the archive. Is anyone else still watching this?
I fell asleep at the first two episode thoungh
give it about 6-7 more episodes

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Is it Friday yet?
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Ep4 synopsis:
>The passengers that got accidentally caught in Kado are slowly being released. Meanwhile, the Japanese government has received Yaha-kui zaShunina's Wams, anisotropic devices providing virtually unlimited energy. The government weighs how to handle the unknown technology that far surpasses anything known to mankind. The world is watching closely...
Muh hostages fags confirmed for being paranoid.
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They're getting creative with their merch.
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