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What the fuck happened?
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As someone who only knows the basics about this series, and has seen Higurashi: When They Cry abridged, I can wholeheartedly say that I prefer the newer artwork.
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>he doesn't like mitten hands
Stockholme please go.

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Kaga wife C92.jpg
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Kagawife strikes again!
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Someone did this

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Who would you cast in an American live action adaptation?
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Who fucking cares about this bullshit
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>live action adaptation
even worse
I wouldn't.

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Are you going to fill in loli-sensei?
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I'd fill her up, if you catch my drift.
I'd fuck her tight loli pussy while nibbling on her flat chest while fingering her butt hole if you know what I'm saying.
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Best gril

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have you ever watched an anime just for one character before?

i literally sat through all Dimension W just because i thought kyouma was cute
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kyouma is every man's man

an anti authoritarian aggressive misfit like we all aspire to be

I don't think it should really count when you're watching for the main character
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Same reason, different character.

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>sister is gone
>doll waifu is gone
>constantly under attack

Hei had a hard life
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Sometimes it is hard to accept both seasons were made by the same people.
chinese electric batman rails against fate, but fate hits back

poor lad
Doll isn't gone.

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hqdefault (1).jpg
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What went wrong /a/?
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Why does this still exist?
The studio dying is what went wrong. Right after Saki and Strike Witches too. Fate is cruel sometimes.
They made too much stuff that wouldn't sell, and then around 2005/6 they saw the writing on the wall and started pumping out lots of shitty commissioned works really fast to try and stay afloat, but it didn't work, so they went bankrupt and got bought out and now they make like one show every year or two.

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alright so i'm on episode 10 of JoJo did they just retcon the fact that joseph's dad wasn't biologically his or what. i haven't read the manga purely because lack of access since i like to have physical copies of whatever i read and i live too far from a bookstore i could buy it from to it but i will get to it
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Erina had 2 children, a biological one and the one she rescued
gotcha thanks m8
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>making a thread to ask a stupid question

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Woop woop
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Two Sugawara/Takano chapters in such a short period?
Confession better be soon.
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[Title is 'Souvenir']

Sugawara Takurou
Year 2 Class 4 Soccer club
He's always had one sided feelings for Takano-san. He wants to get closer to her on this school trip.
Takano Chizuru
Year 2 Class 4: Wind Instrument Club
Sugawara-kun's been on her mind as of late. She wants to have some memories with Sugawara-kun on the school trip.

The final day of the School trip
"What're you getting for a souvenir?"

I didn't make any progress with Takano,
And the final day of the trip is upon us.

I want to have
Some memories with her...!!
>No sempai x yankee chapter yet.


What did she mean by this?
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That she would use her body to pull Sato back to the world of reality.
That she was a slut.
She wants to pull all of the cum out of Satou's dick with her body.

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Why are angry lolis so cute?
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They're not cute, they're SCARY.
Those girls are clearly JC
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I'll seriously never unsee it.

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It's World Penguin Day. Post some /a/ penguins!
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The best.
it's not quite a jaguar

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What the fuck is the clip doing?
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Her true form

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>"You three non-lethally apprehended a dangerous serial killer with around 40 victims, 17 of which died and whom of whom was Ida's brother, popular hero Ingenium. You saved the life of pro hero Native and selflessly came to the aid of each other signalling help from your fellow classmates, who just recently demonstrated there potential in an attack on the school by the terrorist group "The League of Villains." In the process you have saved the lives of countless others. You were some of the top scorers in the recent Sports Festival. Remember, you did this while still freshman students at UA, and demonstrated the immense bravery, skill, and aptitude of Class A."
>"But ya did it without a government okay, so you might go to fucking jail"

What did he mean by this?
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>whom of whom
>there potential
Learn to proofread.
Holy shit, a talking dog.
That happens in real life too, and there is a valid reason. Amateurs trying to intervene can make things much worse. And most of the time it is much worse, so we shouldn't commend those few who had luck.

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