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This is a japanese boy and his servant boy who's also secretly his boyfriend!
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I don't believe you. Prove it.
What don't you believe?
Picked up

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What did he represent?
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Punpun's inner beliefs. He's as god as Punpun imagined the concept.
a second shadow or darker ego characterization of yourself, its just Punpuns imagination talking to himself or his thoughts getting to him.

Or just autism, I relate to him since i have this negative asshole that bugs me time to time almost like Afro's Ninja Ninja following him around except its just my fucking thoughts and isn't really there...
I might be insane
I didn't like this manga that much

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Say what you will about the show, but I've got to say:
They just don't make them like they used to.
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Noriko might have single handedly ruined gunbuster but at least she was cute
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Noriko is the cutest!
It was pretty bad, but at least the animation for this show is better than most modern anime.

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How did you first get in to JoJo?

What's your favorite Part?

Favorite Stands?
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Were any of the villains really born evil also how could they not have gone down the path they taken beside kira, if you just give him some pills in his youth he would definitely be OK
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it was stated in the early parts of Phantom Blood that Dio was 100% born evil
So, was Jonathan th evil one? He lost

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>claims to like sports anime
>doesn't play any actual sports
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>claims to like moe anime
>isn't actually a moe
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>claims to like shonen
>can't actually teleport behind you
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>claims to like slice of life
>doesn't have a life

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How far are you willing to go for one tight cute black girl?
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Not anymore
use goods OP used goods
Where have you been for the past 21 years?

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did they?
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Is Fooly Cooly the best NTR anime of all time?
No something something not the actual dad

And Naota killed that thing

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By all means I was a big of fan Rem during the run of the show. HOWEVER, I got turned off to her due to her liking Subaru and being so damn submissive. She is better and deserves better that...
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Because she bullys him and became his girlfriend
I have not seen Subaru so whipped around a woman before
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Here's your answer
Emilia has better body and personality too

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Having a lesbian predator after you does not make you a lesbian.
What predator? Her friend that gets her all those costumes? She shipped them both so hard.

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This is Konata.
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discount konata.png
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This is Discount Konata. For when they're all out of the good kind.
Yes? And?
Is she otaku as well?

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A year has passed, Japan has been taken over by demons and everything sucks. What happens now?
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5 chapters after the fact and I still mad
>Bandit poses as a demon to intimidate people
>Humans fucking shit themselves and run away
>Bandit gets found out by actual demons and nearly gets eaten
Uratarou goes fucking nuclear

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neither was Ainz
>Visible Repulsion

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I love you Izaya, I love you with all my heart
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Get off the internet, Izaya.
I want to marry him and live happy together forever until we die
Stop being gay. It's against god.

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What the title says.
Bonus mode: Write what you feel like would have been a better ending.
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itt: endings OP doesn't understand
Katanagatari's ending was good though.
pic unrelated

I was relatively whelmed.

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What if she just really, really likes her as a friend?
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Would actually make it weirder than her current yandere obsession.
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It's not so much Yandere, I don't think. Homura would never wish harm on Madoka's friends. She saved them from oblivion.

Nope. First of all, she became a madoka magica just so she could save her. And after that, she spent almost 100 timelines trying to save her again each time. Thats obssessive. The best kind of love.

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